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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
10-Oct-2016Analysis of performance and control of continuous and sampled data systems via single term walsh seriesThanushkodi, KPalanichamy, S
8-Sep-2014Certain investigations on Segmentation of medical images Using metaheuristic algorithmsJaya, JThanushkodi, K
1-Sep-2014Certain studies on energy saving schemes for the speed control of capacitor run fan motorsSamidurai, KThanushkodi, K
21-Aug-2014Estimation and analysis of cardiovascular parameters using electrocardiograph and photoplethysmograph signalsManimegalai, PThanushkodi, K
15-Mar-2018Fault detection and recovery in wireless sensor network using distributed patternizer and relay node placement techniquesK, RamalakshmiThanushkodi, K
19-Mar-2019Improved transformation methods for domain based image denoisingS, SubhaThanushkodi, K
3-Nov-2014Investigations on testing the quality and remote sensing of certain engineering systems using virtual instrumentation techniqueGaneshkumar, PThanushkodi, K
1-Sep-2014Performance analysis of four switch three phase pwm inverter based induction motor with power factor correction convertersSaravana Sundaram, SThanushkodi, K
14-Mar-2018Power minimization in arithmetic logic unit design using clock gating techniques for high speed circuitsL, RajaThanushkodi, K
7-Aug-2014Quasi lossless fractal image compression of medical images based on self organising neural networkBhavani, SThanushkodi, K
12-Sep-2014Reduced ordered binary decision diagram optimization analysis representations and applicationsMohamed Raseen, MThanushkodi, K
28-Nov-2013A secure and fault tolerant framework for mobile IPV6 based networksRathi SThanushkodi, K