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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
27-Mar-2019Ameliorative effect of nano based phyto potential of canthium coromandelicum against fluoride induced nephrotoxicity an animal experimentationSumathi SSuriyavathana M
27-Mar-2019Antifibrotic effect of erythrina variegata in cci4 induced liver fibrosis in ratsSubha PSuriyavathana M
27-Mar-2019Elucidating the potential anti inflammatory factor phytoquinoline from toddalia aculeataVidhya MSuriyavathana M
27-Mar-2019Green synthesis and characterization of nanoparticles from anisomeles malabarica and the hepatoprotective effect against hepatic cell lineRamalingam KSuriyavathana M
16-Oct-2015Hepatoprotective activity of desmodium gangeticum in paracetamol induced liver damageUsha VSuriyavathana M
25-Jul-2017Isolation characterization and hepatoprotective activity of alkaloids from toddalia asiatica linn in galactosamine induced ratsPraveena ASuriyavathana M
23-Dec-2015Phytochemical analysis and anti inflammatory effect of delonix elataSivanarayan VSuriyavathana M
13-Mar-2015Phytochemical characterization and anti inflammatory effect of pseudarthria viscidaRajan RSuriyavathana M
27-Mar-2019Phytochemical characterization and antiobesity effect of triticum aestivum lRoopavathi ISuriyavathana M
17-Feb-2020Phytochemical characterization antioxidant profile molecular study and hepatoprotective effect of tephrosia purpurea targeted against non alcoholic fatty liver disease nafldSuganya MSuriyavathana M