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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
23-Oct-2017Chemistry of lac and lac acidsSingh, N SSukh Dev
16-Jun-2017Chemistry of lac resinKhurana, R GSukh Dev
13-Oct-2017Photoinduced functionalization of saturated hydrocarbonsSharma, Surinder NathSukh Dev
17-Apr-2017Some studies in fatty acid seriesGopal Sharma, PSukh Dev
17-Apr-2017Studies in allylic oxidationsSharma, Chandra ShekharSukh Dev
28-Sep-2017Studies in SesquiterpenesShankaranarayan, RSukh Dev
12-Jun-2017Studies in sesquiterpenesGopalakrishnan, NSukh Dev
13-Apr-2017Studies in sesquiterpenes _Himachalenes_Joseph, T CSukh Dev
18-Apr-2017Studies in terpenesSahni, RanjanaSukh Dev
20-Jun-2017Studies in terpenoidsKrishnappa, SSukh Dev
12-Jun-2017Studies in terpenoids _Chemical examination of the constituents of the resin from ailanthus malabarica dc_Gogte, Vasudha VSukh Dev
26-Sep-2017Studies in terpenoids _Longifolene_Joshi, A PSukh Dev
14-Oct-2019TerpenoidsSanthanakrishnan T SSukh Dev
17-Apr-2017Transformations in triterpenoidsSingh, ChandanSukh Dev