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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
5-Jan-2018A comprehensive study of clinical bacteriological histopathological immunohistological serological and polymerase chain reaction methods to diagnose paucibacillary leprosy interleukins in leprosy and experiment in snails with inoculation of mycobacterium lepraeSelvi bai GSubramanian S
16-Feb-2018A study of interleukin-1B and interleukin 2 produced by peripheral blood mononuclear cells peripheral blood t cell subsets serum interleukin 2 receptors and anti mycobacterial antibodies in leprosy patients before and after a short treatment with multidrug therapyJayapal VSubramanian S
13-Feb-2017An investigation on pitch Synchronous based speech Enhancement using certain Transformations and filtering TechniquesBalaji V RSubramanian S
2-Apr-2018Around saidapuramSubramanian SDowie P.G
30-Dec-2019Biochemical studies on the anti diabetic effect of eugenia jambolana black plum on streptozotocin induced diabetes in ratsRavi KSubramanian S
30-Dec-2019Biochemical studies on the insulin mimetic effects of macrocyclic binuclear oxovanadium IV complex on streptozotocin induced diabetes in ratsRamachandran BSubramanian S
24-Dec-2019Biochemical studies on the ulcer curative antimicrobial and wound healing properties of aloe vera leaf gel extractSivagnanam KSubramanian S
21-Aug-2017Bioconversion of aquatic weeds for utilization in aquacultureSubramanian SJohn P A
8-Jan-2019Certain investigations on secured Energy aware routing in manetAnandkumar VSubramanian S
18-Sep-2019Hydrogeology of the nambiyar river basin of tirunelveli kattabomman kanyakumari and chidambaranar districts Tamil Nadu IndiaJeyakumar S ASubramanian S
8-Dec-2017Immune Response In FilariasisRamesh Shivaram ParangapeSubramanian S
14-Jun-2017Investigations on growth and characterization of some doped and admixtured organic nonlinear optical crystalsKrishnasamy MSubramanian S
11-Apr-2018Isolation and some aspects of characterization and serology of ureaplasma urealyticum and mycoplasma hominis from human infectionsPrabhakar KSubramanian S
8-Dec-2017Isolation Experimental And Immunological Studies On Leptosprirosis In Domestic Animals Murine And ManRatnam SSubramanian S
15-Dec-2017Kundrakudi Mutt and its Socio Economic Impact on Kunrakudi Village 1952 to 1995 A Historical StudySubramanian SRengaswami M
11-Apr-2018Laboratory surveillance of the genus salmonella and study on humoral and cellular response in human typhoidParamasivan C NSubramanian S
14-Mar-2018Prevalence immunological studies and diagnosis of borrelial infections in manNiren Andrew SSubramanian S
13-Mar-2018Reproductive toxicity of Chromium in adult male rats an endocrine and biochemical studySubramanian SMichael Aruldhas M
11-Apr-2018Some aspects of study on Epidemiology Morphogenesis Cytochemistry Immunology and Electronmicroscopy of RhinosporidiosisChitravel VSubramanian S
14-Oct-2019Studies in the chemistry of natural products pyrrolizidine alkaloids of heliotropium curassavicum linnMohanraj SSubramanian S