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5-Jan-2016A spectrophotometric study of the kinetics of acid hydrolysis of organic reagents in presence of metal ionsSubha,M. C. S.Rao,S. Brahmaji
28-Dec-2015A study of molecular interactions in solutionsBai,M. EswariSubha,M. C. S.
18-Dec-2015Development and evaluation of interpenetrating polymeric microspheres for drug delivery applicationsYerriswamy,B.Subha,M. C. S.
23-Dec-2015Development and evalution of polymeric matrices for controlled release applicationsRamakrishna,P.Subha,M. C. S.
28-Dec-2015Ion solvent interactions studies on lithium sodium and potassium propionates in propionic acid ethanol mixturePrasad,B. NagendraSubha,M. C. S.
31-Dec-2015Optimization of the synthesis characterization and applications of water glass based silica aerogels and their hybridsTenkayala,Sobha RaniSubha,M. C. S.
4-Jan-2016Physico chemical properties of polymer solutionsSuhasini,D. M.Subha,M. C. S.
8-Jan-2016Physico chemical properties of polymer solutionsSrilalitha,S.Subha,M. C. S.
18-Dec-2015Physico chemical properties of solutionsAlisha,Syed BahadurSubha,M. C. S.
5-Jan-2016Physico chemical studies of solutions viscometric and molar volume studies on solutions of halides of sodium and potassium salts in propionic acid water mixtureBegum,D. AnsariSubha,M. C. S.
8-Jan-2016Preparation and characterization of sodium alginate hydroxyl propyl cellulose blend membranes for application of pervaporation process to separate aqueous isopropanol solutionRao,U. Sajankumar jiSubha,M. C. S.
18-Dec-2015Solute solvent interaction studies of amino acids in aqueous tertiary butyl alcohol solutionsNagaraj,S.Subha,M. C. S.
28-Dec-2015Solute solvent interactions conductometric viscometric and molar volume studies on solutions of sodium and potassium propionates in propionic acid water mixtureNagamani,C.Subha,M. C. S.
18-Dec-2015Spectrophotometric and physico chemical study of ion solvent interactionsSubha,M. C. S.Rao,S. Brahmaji
28-Dec-2015Synthesis and characterization of biodegradable polymeric matrices for controlled release of bioactive moliculesMallikarjuna,B.Subha,M. C. S.
18-Dec-2015Synthesis and characterization of novel polymeric matrices for controlled drug delivery applicationsReddy,C. Lakshmi NarayanaSubha,M. C. S.
18-Dec-2015Synthesis and pharmacological activities of some heterocyclic compoundsSarma,K. NarasimhaSubha,M. C. S.
28-Dec-2015Thermodynamic study of binary liquid mixtures excess volumes excess viscosity and isentropic compressibilities of iso octane with aminesAlisha,Syed BahadurSubha,M. C. S.
11-Apr-2016Thermodynamic study of polymer blend solutionsNagamani,C.Subha,M. C. S.