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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
29-Aug-2017A comparative study of altruism among collegiates in relation to their personality traits and cultural variablesAlam, Qazi GhausSrivastava, Ramji
22-Nov-2017A comparative study of attitude towards authority figure among collegiates of different personality traits in relation to their cultural correlatesPandey, Aalok NathSrivastava, Ramji
10-Nov-2017A comparative study of occupational stress in relation to psychological distress among higher secondary school teachersAnand, VarshaSrivastava, Ramji
20-Nov-2017A comparative study of social loafing among respondents of different personality traits in relation to their social class birth order sex and cultureSrivastav, Arvind KumarSrivastava, Ramji
18-Aug-2017A comparative study of temperament locus of control socio genic and psychogenic needs among normal and neurotic respondentsAnand, BaniSrivastava, Ramji
17-Aug-2017A psycho legal study of attitudinal orientation towards right to education in relation to religion culture and socio economic statusAlam, Qazi NadeemSrivastava, Ramji
18-Aug-2017A psychological study of attitude towards the presidential form of government in relation to occupation caste socio economic status culture and political affiliationAhmad, FerozSrivastava, Ramji
23-Aug-2017A psychological study of indoor air pollution in relation to neuroticism anxiety aggression hostility and temperamentAhmad, IrshadSrivastava, Ramji
21-Aug-2017A study of assertiveness in relation to personality factors psychological needs and attitude towards risk takingPandey, ParmanandSrivastava, Ramji
22-Nov-2017A study of certain second stratum personality factors and mental health as correlates of punctualitySingh, KripaSrivastava, Ramji
1-Sep-2017A study of mental health status dimensions of temperament socio genic needs and adjustment neuroticism of the adolescents in joint and nuclear familiesSingh, JaiprakashSrivastava, Ramji
21-Aug-2017A study of organizational commitment in relation to occupational stress employees mental health job value and organizational climate among teachersSrivastava, Madan GopalSrivastava, Ramji
14-Aug-2017A study of self esteem in youths of eastern districts of U P in relation to their personality traits locus of control socio economic status and culturePandey, Ambika PrasadSrivastava, Ramji
11-Apr-2016A study of the impact of social and emotional intelligence on depression of higher secondary school studentsYadav, RudalSrivastava, Ramji
17-Aug-2017An empirical study of aggression among youth as a function of alienation stress and prolonged deprivationAlam, Qazi AsimSrivastava, Ramji
18-Aug-2017An empirical study of assertive behaviour among college students in relation to psychological needs locus of control self steem and achievement motivationSurat, RamSrivastava, Ramji
12-Nov-2017An empirical study of narcissism in relation to defense mechanism self esteem and locus of control during late adolescenceTiwari, Rajesh KumarSrivastava, Ramji
18-Aug-2017An empirical study of nightmare in relation to personality characteristics anxiety and mental healthGaur, SujataSrivastava, Ramji
10-Nov-2017An empirical study of shyness among high school students in relation to demographic variables and personality traitsSaurabh, SurabhiSrivastava, Ramji
22-Nov-2017An empirical study of stress in relation to their first and second stratum personality traits and adjustment neuroticismBaranwal, Anoop KumarSrivastava, Ramji