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23-Apr-2015Electrical and optical characteristics of polymer foils and rigid glasses with special reference to the electret stateUpadhyay , J KSrivastava, A P
21-Apr-2015Electrical characteristics of films of organic poiyblends grown by isothermal solution immersion techniqueJain, AnubhaSrivastava, A P
14-May-2015Electrical phemomenon and charge storage characteristics of some organicsolids metals semiconductors system :charge transfer complexesPandey, MadhuriSrivastava, A P
9-Sep-2013Pattern of rural employment in Bundelkhand RegionAgarwal, PushpaSrivastava, A P
23-Apr-2015Preparation and electrical characteristics of conducting and semi insulating polymer filmsSinha, H CSrivastava, A P
20-Apr-2015semiconduction and persistent internal polarization studies of organic molecular crystal with special reference to para chloroanilinePeteriya, A PSrivastava, A P
20-Apr-2015Solid state studies in high polymers with special reference to polyethylene and polymethyl methacrylateSrivastava, A PBhawalkar, D R
14-May-2015Solid state studies in nonpolar dielectrics with special reference to electret state of naphthaleneSingh, RanjitSrivastava, A P
14-May-2015Studies in electrical conductivity and energy transfer characteristics of some organic compounds: polymeric filmsDubey, PratibhaSrivastava, A P
27-Feb-2015Studies of persistent internal polarization with special reference to electrical conduction and photo conduction in organic semiconductorsSrivastava, Saroj KumarSrivastava, A P
3-Mar-2015Study in Indian sugar cane wax with special reference to thermolectret stateKasana, R SSrivastava, A P
24-Apr-2015Study of charge transport mechanism of organic semiconductor with special reference to persistent internal polarization of zone refined pyreneSaraf, K KSrivastava, A P
25-Sep-2019Study of industrial development of Mirzapur district since 1951Prasad, BadriSrivastava, A P
14-May-2015Study of Thermostimulated discharge current in doped films of organic systemsKhare, Pavan KumarSrivastava, A P