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11-Jul-2016Biochemical and functional genomic analysis in mycobacteria effect of iron limitation and mutational analysis of pykA and aldSivagami sundaram, C A SSritharan, Manjula
12-Sep-2018Functional characterization of the iron regulated protein hupb effect of copper on the iron acquisition machinery and oxidative stress response in mycobacterium tuberculosisPandey, Satya DeoSritharan, Manjula
14-Aug-2018Hemin binding proteins in pathogenic Leptospira diagnostic potential of HbpA and the identification of second hemin binding protein HbpB in Leptospira interrogans serovar ManilaeSivakolundu, SubhaSritharan, Manjula
5-Jul-2016Iron limitation in leptospira spp studies on a heminbinding outer membrane receptor protein and the virulence factor sphingomyelinaseSritharan, ManjulaAsuthkar, Swapna
14-Aug-2012Iron limitation in Mycobacterium tuberculosis: studies on iron-regulated envelope proteins & catalase-peroxidasesYeruva, Chaitanya VeenaSritharan, Manjula
18-Jul-2016Leptospiral sphingomyelinases structure prediction characterization and expression profile of these virulence factors in pathogenic leptospira sppSuneel, Narayanavari ASritharan, Manjula
14-Aug-2012Studies on the hemin-binding protein HbpA and the iron-regulated virulence factor sphingomyelinase in pathogenic leptospiresVelineni, SridharSritharan, Manjula
11-Jul-2016Studies on the iron regulated culture filtrate proteins of mycobacterium tuberculosisDuggirala, SrideviSritharan, Manjula