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27-Sep-2012Catalysis by Polymer Supported Dendrimers their Metal Complexes and Nanoparticle ConjugatesRajesh Krishnan GSreekumar K
27-Jun-2016Design and development of a photothermal imager for wafer metrology and subsurface microscopySreekumar KVaidyan V K
9-Jan-2013Design and synthesis of Conjugated Polymers for Photovoltaic and Chemosensor applicationsMahesh Kumar M VSreekumar K
13-Jun-2019Design and synthesis of conjugated polymers for photovoltaic and third order nonlinear optical applicationsSowmya XavierSreekumar K
16-Oct-2017Development of dendrigraft polymers as catalysts in organic synthesisSmitha GeorgeSreekumar K
9-Jan-2013Functionalized Silicon Polymers novel materials for catalysisMangala KSreekumar K
7-May-2013Nonlinear optical properties of organic and polymer systems: theoretical and experimental investigationsElizabeth C VSreekumar K
6-Jun-2014Nonlinear optical properties of polymers containing azomesogens and chiral molecules: theoretical and experimental evaluationsDaly DavisSreekumar K
28-Dec-2012Organic reactions catalysed by modified claysSuresh SSreekumar K
9-Jan-2013Organic synthesis mediated by heterogeneous catalystsKannan VSreekumar K
2-Nov-2016Photorestructuring of polyurethanes containing photolabile groupsSudheesh Kumar KSreekumar K
7-Nov-2016Polymer supported t butyl hydroperoxides synthetic and mechanistic studiesSheela M SSreekumar K
3-Apr-2017Some aspects of reproduction in the female red palm weevil Rhynchophorus ferrugineus Coleoptera CurculionidaeJaya SSreekumar K
28-Feb-2018Studies on Free Radical PolymerizationFrancis N FSreekumar K
2-Nov-2016Studies on Macromolecular Metal ChelatesVarughese MathewSreekumar K
9-Jan-2013Studies on methylene blue sensitized poly vinyl alcohol effect of molecular weight of the polymer and crosslinking agents on its holographic propertiesNimmi K PJoseph, Rani; Sreekumar K; Kartha, C Sudha
27-Jan-2017Studies on Polymer Supported Thiosemicarbazone Transition Metal ChelatesSivadasan Chettiar KSreekumar K
17-Oct-2016Studies on the synthesis of polyamines using polymer supported solid phase strategySanthakumari VSreekumar K
27-Jan-2017Synthetic and Mechanistic Studies using Carbonyl Derivatives of Polymeric OximesAiswarya Kumari KSreekumar K
29-Mar-2017Synthetic studies using polymer bound quaternary ammonium polyhalidesSumi Mitra SSreekumar K