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12-Apr-2016Attitude of women teachers towards teaching profession as related to values self actualization job satisfaction and burnoutDhaliwal, Jasvir KaurSodhi, G S
13-Apr-2016Comparison of advance organiser and reception strategies for acquisition of language concepts in relation to cognitive style intelligence and creativitySood, KamlaSodhi, G S
15-Apr-2016Development and evaluation of an activity centred curriculum for nursery children in terms of physical social and intellectual growthKaur, ParminderSodhi, G S
21-Apr-2016Development of objective based Science curriculum and to study its efficacy in the acquisition of process skills among high school Science studentsRamesh, RameshSodhi, G S
13-Apr-2016Effect of problem solving strategies on problem solving ability in Science of high school students in relation to anxiety level cognitive style and intelligenceDutt, SunilSodhi, G S
11-Apr-2016Effect of training strategies on creative problem solving skills and cerebral dominance in relation to intelligence personality and cognitive styleGill, Tejindarjit KaurSodhi, G S
25-Apr-2016Effectiveness of a competency based teacher training strategy in terms of acquisition of basic and general teaching competencies and attitude towards teachingBajwa, SukhwantSodhi, G S
15-Apr-2016Effectiveness of audio visual instructions in terms of students attitudes towards mode of instruction and acquisition of concepts in relation to cognitive style at piagetian concrete and formal operation stagesBal, Gurinderjit KSodhi, G S
15-Apr-2016Effectiveness of audio visual material presented with and without verbalization in relation to intelligence and style of learning and thinking at secondary levelSandhu, Harjit KaurSodhi, G S
15-Apr-2016Effectiveness of competency based learning system on achievement in relation to place of residence and socio economic status in government and private schoolsKiran, ShashiSodhi, G S
11-Apr-2016Effectiveness of computer assisted instruction as related to intelligence learning style and attitude towards Science subjectsCheema, Sharanjit KaurSodhi, G S
21-Apr-2016Effectiveness of concept based Science curriculum in developing cognitive structures and acquisition of process skills among high school studentsKhalwania, Nakshatar SinghSodhi, G S
15-Apr-2016Effectiveness of different models of teaching on acquisition of concepts and attitude towards mathematics in relation to intelligence and cognitive styleBehal, VinaySodhi, G S
13-Apr-2016Effectiveness of inquiry training model of teaching on cognitive development and acquisition of process skills in relation to self concept and intelligenceSingh, BaltejSodhi, G S
15-Apr-2016Effectiveness of mastery learning strategy of teaching on acquisition and retention of algebraic concepts in high school student in relation to ability level cognitive style and class organizationSawhney, PujaSodhi, G S
15-Apr-2016Effectiveness of self learning modules in acquisition of process skills in relation to cognitive styles and study habits of IX class studentsVig, SeemaSodhi, G S
15-Apr-2016Effectiveness of self learning modules on achievement in geography in relation to mastery and non mastery teaching strategies intelligence and study habitsKohli, VikasSodhi, G S
12-Apr-2016Effectiveness of software technology in the acquisition of mathematical concepts in relation to study habits and intelligence at secondary stageNarang, Vipul KumarSodhi, G S
13-Apr-2016Effectiveness of teaching strategies in the acquisition of science concepts in relation to intelligence cognitive styles and gender differencesRani, GeetaSodhi, G S
15-Apr-2016Effectiveness of training strategies in developing teaching competence among B ED students in relation to their attitude towards teaching professionSanjeev Sharma, PromilaSodhi, G S