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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
6-Oct-2016Application of neuro fuzzy genetic models for data miningSumathi, SSivanandam, S N
16-Mar-2018Certain investigations on improving the performance of wireless sensor networks using optimization techniquesC, VimalaraniSivanandam, S N
16-Nov-2017Certain investigations on mining significant class association rules for efficient classifier constructionM, NandhiniSivanandam, S N
6-Oct-2016Certain investigations on the stability and stabilization of a class of neural and fuzzy systemsPaulraj, MSivanandam, S N
2-Sep-2014Certain soft computing techniques for detecting and tracking of moving vehiclesSenthil Kumar, TSivanandam, S N
22-Sep-2014Computationally simplified numerical algorithms for certain Engineering problemsRamanibai, VSivanandam, S N
21-Oct-2016Delivering quality of services for media streaming over IP networksArunkumar, TSivanandam, S N
10-Oct-2016Design of neural network classifiers for pattern recognition applicationsChitra, ASivanandam, S N
10-Oct-2016Development of new algorithms for test generation and simulation of stuck at faults in logic circuitsBhuvaneswari, M CSivanandam, S N
21-Oct-2016Investigations on policy based automated provisioning for wireless differentiated service networksRajeev, SSivanandam, S N
10-Oct-2016New algebraic criterion for analysis and design of linear systemsPorkumaran, KSivanandam, S N
6-Oct-2016New algebraic schemes for model reduction of linear time invariant systemsPalaniswami, SSivanandam, S N
10-Oct-2016New algebraic testing methods for the stability of two dimensional and multidimensional digital filtersJayaraman, SSivanandam, S N
10-Oct-2016New schemes for stability analysis and model reduction of linear discrete systemsDevarajan, NSivanandam, S N
10-Oct-2016New stability criterion for linear systemsChandran, K RSivanandam, S N
10-Oct-2016New stability testing methods for two dimensional and multi dimensional digital systemsGovindasamy, NSivanandam, S N
21-Oct-2016Performance analysis of data mining algorithms using association rulesRajkumar, NSivanandam, S N
10-Oct-2016Routh test for stability and stabilization of multidimensional systemsSivakumar, DSivanandam, S N