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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
3-Feb-2021A Study Of Literary Aspects In K Viswanaths MoviesSivakumar PN Elizabeth Jaya Kumari
2-Dec-2014Adsorptive removal of textile dyes from aqueous solution using a nonconventional lowcost adsorbentSivakumar PPalanisamy P N
1-Sep-2014Application of effective memetic algorithm for vlsi physical designSivakumar PSubbaraj P
3-Mar-2020Certain investigations on congestion control and retransmission timer optimization for mobile adhoc network using transmission control protocolSivakumar PMahabubbasha A
16-Oct-2017Characterization toxicity evaluation and biological treatment of tannery effluentSivakumar PKanagappan M
3-Mar-2020Computer aided detection methodologies for brain tumor and stroke using soft computing techniquesSivakumar PGaneshkumar P
18-Sep-2018Diagnostic of coordinative ability of basketball players at junior level in tamilnadu a studySivakumar PAbraham.R
22-Aug-2019Efficient scheduling of tabu search round robin earliest deadline and first come first serve with genetic algorithmRajagopal RSivakumar P
7-Jun-2017Ethics and Environment An Indian PerspectiveSivakumar PNesy D
3-Jun-2015A hybrid denoising algorithm for machined image enhancement using evolved operators, contourlet and 2d : pcaSivakumar PRavi S
31-Dec-2012A hybrid denoising algorithm for machined image enhancement using evolved operators, Contourlet and 2D – PCASivakumar PRavi, S
15-Feb-2019Impact of working capital on profitability of selected cement companies in indiaSivakumar PRajendran C
26-Sep-2014Investigations on channel equalization Techniques for coded modulation SystemsSivakumar PRajaram M
11-Mar-2019Optimization and kinetic studies on production of biodiesel from industrial wasteBalasubramanian RSivakumar P
28-Jun-2019Panchalinga temples in sankarankoil sivagiri and rajapalayam taluks a historical studySivakumar PMurugavel S
5-Aug-2019Purification and characterisation of some marine invertebrate and fish collagens and collagenaseSivakumar PGowri chandrakasan
22-Jul-2020Studies on preparation and properties of polymer assisted NiFe2O4 nanostructuresSivakumar PRamanand A
9-Sep-2019Synthesis characterization and applications of fe3o4 immobilized magnetic nano carbon balls for the adsorption of textile dyes under batch and column modeKumaravelan VSivakumar P
23-Jul-2019Synthesis characterization of inner transition metal doped tio2 and analyzing its application for the photocatalytic degradation of textile dyes present in the wastewaterSudha DSivakumar P
9-Sep-2019Theoretical study of parabolic heating of a vertical plate in the presence of chemical reaction of first orderSivakumar PMuthucumaraswamy R