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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
20-Apr-2021analysis of bone mineral density and body composition of different sports and games in university level playersNarayana Prabhu VSivakumar K
14-Sep-2020Assessment of hydrochemical trend and its impacts in cuddalore district Tamil nadu IndiaSivakumar KMurugesan A
26-Apr-2018Effect of selected yogasana practices and Aerobic exercise on selected psychological and physiological variables among Middle aged menPrashanth M DSivakumar K
2-Apr-2018Efficacy of marine algae against Quorum sensing bioluminescence causing Vibrio harveyiSivakumar KKannappan S
6-Mar-2014Experimental study and multi-objective optimization of near-dry wire-cut electrical discharge machining processBoopathi SSivakumar K
2-Nov-2020Impact of Low Altitude Training on Physical and Physiological Variables of inter College Football PlayersPrem Raj Kumar MSivakumar K
19-Aug-2019Modeling and simulation of adaptive fuzzy controller for full car model based nonlinear vehicle active suspensionSenthil kumar PSivakumar K
6-Mar-2018Morphological anatomical ultrastructural and biochemical studies on Hypnea musciformis wulf Lamour and H valentiae turn mont from South East coast of Tamil Nadu IndiaSivakumar KDhanasekaran V
20-Mar-2015Multi objective optimization of EDM Process parameters on machining of Superalloys with multiple quality CharacteristicsDhanabalan SSivakumar K
15-Jan-2019Occupational stress among nurses of Government hospitals in Villupuram districtAnbarasi SSivakumar K
19-Oct-2016Offshore ecology and behaviour of the olive ridley sea turtle lepidochelys olivacea along the rushikulya rookery orissa coast indiaSuresh Kumar , RSivakumar K
6-Mar-2014Power generation using non-buoyant body wave energy converterAmarkarthik ASivakumar K; Chandrasekaran S
30-Oct-2014Preparation and x ray Crystallographic studies of some Picric acid salts and complexesSaminathan KSivakumar K
11-Sep-2013Structural magnetic and dielectric studies on cobalt based ferrite nanoparticlesSathishkumar GSivakumar K
22-Jul-2020Study on Consumers Attitude towards Private Labels vs Branded Food Products with to Selective Products in Coimbatore City Special ReferenceSivakumar KKalpana D
22-Dec-2014Synthesis and characterization of metal incorporated nanoporous kit6 and sba15 molecular sieves for new sensor applicationsSathyaseelan BSivakumar K
19-Aug-2019Thermoelectric properties of some binary and ternary chalcogenides antimonides and ferritesKarthikeyan NSivakumar K
6-Feb-2015Tolerance design improvement of mechanical assemblies through tolerance analysis and optimizationBalamurugan CSivakumar K
8-Jan-2019Women Empowerment Through Self Help Groups A Study of Performance of Women Development Programme in Dharmapuri DistrictSivakumar KSundar I