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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
26-Jul-2017Effect of growth substances on the growth and metabolism of the rice plantGopalakrishnan, SarojaSircar, S M
20-Jun-2017Growth analysis in relation to photosynthetic efficiency of different varieties of rice under different fertilizer levelsDas, Manishi NathSircar, S M
20-Jun-2017Isolation characterisation and biological activities of naturally occuring compoundsGupta, Padma DasSircar, S M
24-Jul-2017Photosynthesis and productivity of rice plant in relation to growth substancesChattopadhyay, AsishSircar, S M
26-Jul-2017Physiological analysis of the metabolites of photosynthesis in relation to yield of different varieties of rice under different fertiliser levelsDey, KamalpaniSircar, S M
19-Jul-2017Physiological studies of wild varieties of riceSarkar, Kamal KrishnaSircar, S M
26-Jul-2017Studies in the physiology of mango Mangifera indica LINN in relating to its storageSarkar, KalipadaSircar, S M
20-Jun-2017Studies on germination and germination inhibitors of vernonia anthelmintica L willdChattopadhyay, Kuntal KumarSircar, S M
20-Jun-2017Studies on isolation characterisation and biological properties of naturally occurring compoundsSanyal, TapatiSircar, S M
26-Jul-2017Studies on medicinal plantsBasu, Prabhat KumarSircar, S M
26-Jul-2017Studies on the metabolism of rice seeds in relation to after ripening germination and viabilityMitra, ShyamaliSircar, S M
20-Jun-2017Studies on the metabolism of seeds during development and germinationPal, Ambuj KumarSircar, S M
20-Jun-2017The effects of N and K on the growth cell wall constituents and auxin content in rice plantDatta, Sujit KumarSircar, S M
20-Jun-2017The physiology of lodging behaviour in relation to carbohydrate metabolism cell wall thickening matter and anatomical changes of the rice plantKundu, Kalyan KumarSircar, S M
20-Jun-2017Total titratable acid in relation to photosynthates and respiration of rice plantsRoy, Parimal ChandraSircar, S M
20-Jun-2017Varietal and seasonal difference in photosynthesis and productivity of ricePalit, Pratip KumarSircar, S M