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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
31-Jan-2020A Study of Quantitative Structure Toxicity Relationship of Derivatives of Alcohols with the Help of Topological and Quantum Chemical DescriptorsKhan Ahmad Khalid RazaSingh R K
17-Jun-2019A Study on Inhibitor Receptor Interaction of Estrogen and Anti Mitotic Natural ProductsSingh SatyendaSingh R K
8-Jul-2019Biochemical Studies on Circadian Time Structure of Endocrine and Metabolic Functions in Health And DiseaseSingh BenuSingh R K
10-May-2019Chemical Investgation of Soils Pratapgarh DistrictSingh Aditya BahadurSingh R K
8-Apr-2019DFT Based Study of Interction Between Derivatives Of Benzene Sulphonamide and Carbonic AnhydraseRaja Aakash DeepSingh R K
15-Mar-2019Influence of Chemical Constituents Plants Products by Intake of Macro and Micro ElementsSingh Ram VijaySingh R K
23-May-2019Molecular Mechanics Based Study Of Molecular Orbitals Of Nickel And Cobalt Halides And Their Amino Thiazole ComplexesYadav Ashok KumarSingh R K
31-Jan-2020Molecular Orbital Calculations of Scandium 2 and Titanium 2 Halides A Study of Eigenvector and Population AnalysisVerma Suresh KumarSingh R K
5-Aug-2019Pm3 Based Calculation of Charge Transfer and Interaction Energy Between Organometallic Tin 4 Halides and Derivatives of PyridineSharma Ramesh ChandraSingh R K
26-Jun-2019PM3 Based Calculations of Charge Transfer and Energy of Interaction Between Enzyme Carbonic Anhydrase and Inhibitor SulfonamidesShrivastav PraveenSingh R K
26-Mar-2019Quantum Chemistry Based Qsar Study of Peptidic Hiv PR InhibitorsSahu Vishnu KumarSingh R K
1-Mar-2019Studies on Thermal and Sonochemical Properties of Pure Organic LiquidsPandey NitiSingh R K
2-Sep-2019Study of Thermodynamic and Thermoacoustic Properties of Multicomponent Liquid SystemsZafar SabiaSingh R K
25-Jun-2019To Study the Application of Quatum Chemical and Energy Descriptors in Quantitative Structure Actitivity Relationship of Compounds of Aziridine GroupJaiswal RitikaSingh R K