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21-Aug-2017Effect of integrated plant nutrient management on soils nutrient uptake and yield of mustardSingh, Pramod KumarSingh, T B
18-Aug-2017Effect of nutrient dynamics on growth yield and quality of okra Abelmoschus Esculentus L moenchSingh, Santosh KumarSingh, T B
12-Nov-2017Effect of varying levels of sulphur with and without rhizobium on physical and bio chemical parameters of black gram Vigna Mungo L Hepper cv PU 30Kumar, SandeepSingh, T B
14-Aug-2017Effect of varying levels of sulphur with and without rhizobium on physical and biochemical parameters of black gram Vigna mungo L Hepper CV PU 30Sandeep KumarSingh, T B
17-Aug-2017Effects of copper sulphate 2 4 D and GA3 on vegetative growth flowering fruiting and fruit quality of kagzi lime Citrus Aurantifolia SwingleSingh, Anand KumarSingh, T B
18-Aug-2017Genetic analysis for yield attributing traits and resistance to olcv in okra Abelmoschus esculentus L MoenchRaghuvanshi, ManishSingh, T B
17-Aug-2017Genetic analysis of qualitative and quantitative traits in sponge gourd Luffa cylindrica Roem LKumar, VirendraSingh, T B
17-Aug-2017Heterosis and combining ability in Okra Abelmoschus esculentus L MoenehKumar, SanjivaSingh, T B
18-Aug-2017Influence of different levels methods and times of potassium application on okra Abelmoschus Escutentus L moench cv Parbhani krantiSingh, RajeshSingh, T B
14-Aug-2017Influence of digested sludge application on sesamumRai, Santosh KumarSingh, T B
18-Aug-2017Integrated nitrogen management in wheat Triticum Aestivum L in alluvial soilSingh, Santosh KumarSingh, T B
17-Aug-2017Integrated nutrient management on yield and quality of cauliflower Brassica Oleracea L var botrytisSingh, Ashwani KumarSingh, T B
1-Nov-2017Prospects of entrepreneurial development A case of Jaunpur district with special reference to Satharia Industrial Development Authority SIDASingh, SaumyaSingh, T B
21-Aug-2017Response of Indian mustard Brassica Juncea L to sources and levels of sulphurSingh, Satish ChandraSingh, T B
15-Jan-2018Response of papaya to different bioregulators in relation to sexexpressionSingh, Pramod KumarSingh, T B
17-Aug-2017Response of planting dates plant density and fertility levels on the growth yield and quality of Elephant foot yam Amorphophallus Poeoniifolius Dennst NicolsonYadava, Mahendra PratapSingh, T B
21-Aug-2017Status of available N P K and S in dominant cropping systems in different block of Jaunpur districtSingh, Umesh KumarSingh, T B
2-Nov-2017Studies on the effect of nitrogen and potassium on growth flowering and fruit quality of Muskmelon Cucumis Melo LSingh, Pushpesh KumarSingh, T B
22-Nov-2017Studies on the effect of sources of nitrogen levels and spacings on growth yield and quality of Okra Abelmoschus esculentus L Moench C V Parbhani KrantiSingh, BhagatSingh, T B
1-Nov-2017Studies on time severity of pruning and levels of potassium on growth flowering and shelf life of rose Rosa sp cv super starSingh, Dharmendra KumarSingh, T B