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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
23-Dec-2015A study of total quality managment programs in life insurance sector with special refrence to SBI life insurance co LtdSanjay KumarSingh, P K
25-Nov-2013Attachment of biomolecules on porous silicon for biosensor applicationSingh, ShaliniMukhtar A Khan; Singh, P K
27-Jan-2017Azolla anabaena symbiotic N2 fixation and its use in rice cultureMahapatra, JayakrushnaSingh, P K
9-May-2017Biochemical and taxonomic studies on some selected plants of Lamiaceas in Thoubal District ManipurKhomdram, SandhyaraniSingh, P K
10-Sep-2014Biodiversity of aquatic and semi aquatic angiosperms of chitrakoot dham division with special reference to ethnobotanical surveyBajpai, NehaSingh, P K
15-Feb-2018Comparative studies on morphology and cyto genetics of azolla SPSNayak, Santosh KumarSingh, P K
19-Apr-2018Design of cellular manufacturing system for dynamic production requirement in presence of contingency routingKamal DeepSingh, P K
20-Jul-2021Effect of Complete Pelleted Feed Containing Herbal Additives on Rumen Metabolism Nutrition Status and Growth in KidsChaturvedi, InduSingh, P K
25-Oct-2016Effect of herbicide and pesticide on the blue green algae of freshwater pondsDas, BinayakSingh, P K
27-Aug-2018Effect of nitrogenous fertilizers on growth and nitrogen fixation of Azolla Anabaena symbiosis in waterlogged rice fieldManna, Asit BaranSingh, P K
25-Oct-2016Effect of pesticides carbofuran and hexachlorocyclohexane on N2 fixing blue green algaeKar, SanjaySingh, P K
30-Jan-2019Effect of some agricultural chemical on nitrogen fixation by blue green algae of rice fieldsDash, Nalinaxya PrasadSingh, P K
27-Jan-2017Effect of some agricultural chemicals on nitrogen fixation by blue-Green algae of Rice fieldsPrasad, Dash NalinaxyaSingh, P K
10-Nov-2017Lucknow Nagriya paryavaran ka ek bhaugolik adhyayanSingh, BabitaSingh, P K
25-Oct-2016Multiplication and utilization of azolla in rice cultivationSatapathy, Kunja BihariSingh, P K
14-Aug-2017New forgings of form and substance in the novels of Salman RushdiePandey, Maneesh KumarSingh, P K
25-Jan-2018Nitrogen fixation by azolla and blue green algae in waterlogged paddy fieldSingh, Amrit LalSingh, P K
27-Jan-2017Nitrogen fixation by unicellular and filamentous rice fields blue green algaeDash, Harihar PrasadSingh, P K
30-Jan-2019Nutritional requirement and biocides tolerance of azolla anabaena symbiontsPatra, RaghunathSingh, P K
27-Jan-2017Physiological aspects of Azolla Anabaena symbiosis its contribution to nitrogen nutrition and yield of riceSingh, Devendra PratapSingh, P K