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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
18-Mar-2015Effects of ion beam irradiation on transition metals embedded polymer matrixGavade, ChaitaliSingh, N L
23-Aug-2017Mathematical modelling of the blood flow in microcirculatory systemYadav, Ram AchalSingh, N L
17-Aug-2017On momentum and heat transfers in incompressible boundary layer flowAsthana, Anand KumarSingh, N L
25-Jan-2017Propagation of shock waves in conducting and non conducting fluidsMaurya, AwadheshSingh, N L
1-Jul-2016Some investigations in relativistic shok wavesMishra, Rajesh KumarSingh, N L
14-Aug-2017Some problems on visco elastic fluid flow in narrow vesselsSingh, Pradeep KumarSingh, N L
11-Feb-2015Study of breakup fusion of loosely bound stable projectiles with some nucleiRath, Prasanta KumarSingh, N L
7-Feb-2014Study of capillary blood flow through non newtonian fluid modelChaubey, SoniSingh, N L; Bhaduriya, S P S
4-Oct-2018Study of magnetohydrodynamics shok waves in gasesArun KumarSingh, N L
21-Aug-2017Study of shear flow over the porous surface subjected to suction or injectionRao, Sanjay GovindSingh, N L
6-Aug-2015Study on Non Newtonian properties of blood through mathematical models in microvesselsPandey, Arun KumarSingh, N L
11-Mar-2013Synthesis of nano structured magnesium based alloys for optimal hydrogen storage for power system applicationBambhaniya, Kanti GopabhaiShrinet, V; Singh, N L
18-Apr-2017To design appropriate flow model of blood in microcirculatory systemManoj KumarSingh, N L
27-Jan-2016To determine flow parameters of blood through mathematical modelingPandey, RuchitaSingh, N L
18-Apr-2017To study the influence of free stream oscillation on heat transfer by convection and radiation at small prandtl numberAsthana, VivekSingh, N L
6-Aug-2015To study the transfer of shear stress and heat through solid walls in boundarySingh, Gyanesh KumarSingh, N L