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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
1-Nov-2017Design and synthesis of some potentially bioactive substancesSingh, Vishnu ShankerSingh, Daroga
1-Nov-2017Kinetics and mechanism of catalysed oxidation of some biologically active industrially important compounds by less probed mild oxidantsSingh, Ram AsareSingh, Daroga
21-Aug-2017Major diseases and pests of indigenous aromatic rices and their integrated management for isolation of resistant germplasmSingh, DarogaSingh, Virendra Kumar
18-Aug-2017Phytochemical investigation of tribulus terrestris linn plants growing in varying habitats of Jaunpur Uttar PradeshPandey, RavikantSingh, Daroga
17-Aug-2017Research in syntheses of pyrazolone derivatives and their antifungal activitiesSingh, Mukesh KumarSingh, Daroga
9-Feb-2016Studies in synthesis characterization of some novel heterocyclic compounds containing thiazole and pyrazole ring systems of medicinal importanceChaubey, BharatSingh, Daroga
1-Nov-2017Studies on synthesis and characterization of some medicinally important cyclic compounds containing nitrogen and sulphur hetero atomsSingh, MamtaSingh, Daroga
18-Aug-2017Studies on synthesis characterization and antimicrobial activity of some novel heterocyclic compounds based on pyrazole nucleiKedia, PriyankaSingh, Daroga
1-Nov-2017Studies on synthesis characterization of some novel heterocyclic compounds containing thiazole and pyrazolering systems medicinal impotanceChaubey, BharatSingh, Daroga
17-Aug-2017Studies on synthesis of quinazolone derivatives of medecinal importanceSrivastav, SwatiSingh, Daroga
1-Nov-2017Syntheses and characterisation of some novel heterocycles and their anti fungal activitySingh, VandanaSingh, Daroga
18-Aug-2017Syntheses and characterization of some heterocyclic compounds and its antifungal activityTripathi, Ashok KumarSingh, Daroga
18-Aug-2017Synthesis and characterization of anti bacterial compound with use of novel coupling reagentsRai, Bishw PrakashSingh, Daroga
17-Aug-2017Synthesis and characterization of nitrogen containing heterocyclic compounds as antifungal agentsSingh, Raghvendra PratabSingh, Daroga
17-Aug-2017Synthesis and characterization of some novel azoles and their antimicrobial activitiesPrasad, JagdambaSingh, Daroga
18-Aug-2017Synthesis characterisation and antimicrobial studies of some nitrogen containing heterocyclic compoundsSingh, BhawanaSingh, Daroga
17-Aug-2017Synthesis characterization of oxazolones and pyrazolones as potential fungicidal agentsSingh, Vipin KumarSingh, Daroga
17-Aug-2017Synthesis of 3H pyrazol 3 one of medicinal importanceSingh, Amrendra KumarSingh, Daroga
14-Aug-2017Synthetic spectral and antimicrobial studies of some novel heterocyclic compoundsPandey, Rajesh KumarSingh, Daroga