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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
12-Jul-2016Adi Granth de Guru kav da samajik pakhSingh, AvtarSingh, Manmohan
24-Nov-2016Attraction between energy levels in presence of spin_lattice relaxationSingh, AvtarShrivastava, K N
7-Oct-2020Comparative study of physical fitness components and psychological variables of sports personsSingh, AvtarMalik, Ashok Kumar
4-May-2016Corporate taxation a study of the legal and inter related socio economic implications of taxation of companiesSingh, Indra PalSingh, Avtar
3-May-2016Ethics of the SikhsSingh, Avtarn.d.
11-Jul-2016Mian Mohammad Bakhsh de Panjabi kav sidhant ate kav parampra di ithaskari da alochnatmak mulankan saffal maluk de vishesh parsang vichSingh, AvtarKesar, Kesar Singh
12-Jul-2016Nirgun kave de sandarbh vich Bani Bhagat Namdev ik vivechanSingh, AvtarSingh, Darshan
11-Apr-2016On the relationship between person and society a phenomenological re thinking on individual and the collectiveSingh, AvtarSebastian, V T
29-Aug-2019Sri Guru Granth Sahib vich sanklit salok bani-roop : Vichardharae paripekhChand, BalvirSingh, Avtar
1-May-2019Synthesis and applications of new chiral ionic liquids from natural precursorsSingh, AvtarChopra, Harish Kumar
7-Jun-2018Synthesis and characterization of organachalcogen and dichalcogen compounds containing heterocyclic ring and their evaluation as antimicrobial and antioxidant agentsSingh, AvtarSingh, Jaspreet
15-Apr-2016Teacher burnout in relation to organizational climate and leadership behaviour of the high school principals as perceived by teachersSingh, AvtarGupta, Asha