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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
21-Aug-2017A study of machiavellianism among sportsman and non sportsman in relation to their intelligence adjustment and localeSharma, R AMishra, Malti
1-Nov-2017An educational study of identification of problems encountered by women in sport career and suggested measures A surveyMishra, ArpitaSharma, R A
14-Aug-2017Cultivation of most valuable medicinal plant punarnava Boerhaavia Diffusa Linn practiced for the treatment of urinary disordersPandey, Radha KantSharma, R A
21-Aug-2017Effect of nitrogen and sulphur on growth yield and biochemical traits of chilli Capsicum Frutescens L cultivar pant C 1Singh, Rakesh KumarSharma, R A
21-Aug-2017Factors responsible for seed germination vegetation root development and alkaloid synthesis in Boerhaavia Diffusa LinnSingh, Bhanu PratapSharma, R A
18-Aug-2017Increasing yield of rabisown hybrid maize Zea Mays L by controlling Phalaris Minor and associated weeds with the application of isoproturonSingh, Ajeet PratapSharma, R A
21-Aug-2017Increasing yield of wheat by controlling phalaris minor and associated weeds with the application of isoproturonSrivastava, Sudhir KumarSharma, R A
21-Aug-2017Physiological studies on nitrogen and sulphur nutrition on linseed Linum Usitatissimum LTiwari, Devendra NabhSharma, R A
4-Aug-2014A study of efectiveness of managment training on classroom performance of student teachers of education corpsChadha, Satish ChandraSharma, R A
3-Dec-2014A Study of Test Anxiety Behaviour as Related to Some Psycho Social VariablesSharma, R AUpadhyay, S N
21-Aug-2017Weed control efficiency of isoproturon and 2 4 D and yield of rabi sown hybrid maizeUpadhyay, SidheshvarSharma, R A
1-Sep-2017Weed control efficiency of isoproturon and 2 4 D Na Salt in wheatSingh, Pramod KumarSharma, R A