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4-May-2016Applications of the tubular graphite electrode in hydrodynamic voltammetry D C and A C and in developing automatic techniques for amperometric titrations and reaction kinetics measurementsKalia, Ramesh KumarSharma, L R
4-May-2016Cyclicvoltammetric and chronopotentiometric behaviour of some pharmaceuticals and drugs at the tubular graphite electrodeSingh, GurcharnSharma, L R
17-Nov-2016Dynamics of agricultural transformation in Himachal PradeshKanta, KrishanSharma, L R
18-May-2016Electroanalytical applications of the tubular graphite electrodeManchanda, Ashok KumarSharma, L R
16-Nov-2016Export competitiveness an analysis with special reference to Indias machine tools exportsSuvrathan, P ISharma, L R
18-Nov-2016Government regulations and industrialisation in India since independenceKewal RamSharma, L R
5-May-2016Hydrodynamic voltammetry of some typical organic compounds using the tubular graphite electrodeBansal, P CSharma, L R
4-May-2016Oxidative voltammetry of organic compounds including pharmaceuticals and drugs in aqueous and non aqueous media at the tubular graphite electrodeVerma, Ranjit SinghSharma, L R
5-May-2016Preparation of polymers and foams from agrowastesOhri, SuneetaSharma, L R
5-May-2016Some aspects of voltammetric studies on carbon electrodesHariharasubramanian, GomathiSharma, L R
18-May-2016Studies in redox mechanism of some typical electro active organic compoundsSharma, ArunSharma, L R
11-Nov-2016Tertiary sector in developing economies growth and structureKaistha, SeemaSharma, L R
18-May-2016Tubular carbon graphite electrode for polarographic measurementsDutt, JatinderSharma, L R
27-Jan-2017Upanyasakaar Devakinandan KhatriSharma, L RSingh, Rajdev
15-Nov-2016Urban female labour participation in Himachal PradeshSharma, ArunaSharma, L R