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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
30-Nov-2016A comparative study of the effectiveness of programmed and text_book material presentation of sociological concepts at the secondary stageSaini, Joginder KaurSharma, Harish Chandra
30-Nov-2016A study of a programme in a segment of hindi morphology in relation to sequencing and promptingSharma, Harish ChandraPandey, K P
18-Apr-2016A study of personality traits achievement motivation interests intelligence and academic achievement of athletes and non athletes of prince of Songkhla university ThailandOuckathi, PrasertSharma, Harish Chandra
30-Nov-2016A study off effects of step_size feed_back and anxiety on performance in a linear programme on chemical action prescribed at Hr or Sec levelAhuja, MalvinderSharma, Harish Chandra
21-Apr-2016Academic achievement of high school students in relation to the instructional design intelligence self concept and n achievementSween, SweenSharma, Harish Chandra
15-Apr-2016Attitude of secondary school students towards religion in relation to their personality types achievement motivation and moral judgment in ThailandSaengsai, Phramaha PrayoonSharma, Harish Chandra
15-Apr-2016Evaluation of academic achievement in Blooms taxonomic categories in relation to instructional design and achievement motivationYuthim, OranuchSharma, Harish Chandra
8-Jan-2016Prehistoric archaeology stone age cultures of the garo hillsSharma, Harish ChandraSharma, T C
13-Apr-2016Study of attitude of students towards religion in relation to personality characteristics intelligence and socio economic statusKohli, Om ParkashSharma, Harish Chandra