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24-Nov-2016A study of molecular associations in Pyridine and its binary mixturesKumar, SandeepSharma, D R
16-Apr-2014A comparative study of phenotypic and genotypic characters of environmental and clinical isolates of cryptococcus Spp.Dhillon, HarjeetSharma, D R
24-Nov-2016D C conduction in Ge 1_x Se2 Mx M _ Sb Bi Pb and Cd_ glassesSharma, Sohan LalSharma, D R
24-Nov-2016Dielectric relaxation of amides from microwave absorption studiesDhull, Jagbir SinghSharma, D R
22-Nov-2016Dielectric relaxation studies of binary systems of N N _ Dimethylformamide as one of the constituents in benzene solution from microwave absorption dataSharma, Ashok KumarSharma, D R
19-Apr-2016Dream and disillusionment in the novels of F Scott FitzgeraldArora, Om PrakashSharma, D R
24-Nov-2016Electronic properties of glassy _Se0_7 Te0_3_ 100_x yx _0 less than x less than10_ _Y equal to Zn Cd Bi Pb_ systemKumar, SatishSharma, D R
24-Nov-2016Molecular association in the binary mixtures _with DMSO as one of the constituents_ from microwave absorption dataSharma, AshokSharma, D R
24-Nov-2016Molecular association in the binary mixtures with acetone as one of the constituents from microwave absorption dataSingh, VirSharma, D R
24-Nov-2016Radiation from circular symmetric electromagnetic sources around compressible plasma columnJaswal, B SSharma, D R
24-Nov-2016Radiation from circular symmetric sources in warm plasma columnChoudhary, R SSharma, D R
18-May-2016Realism in the novels of Arnold BennettLal, KishoriSharma, D R
16-Apr-2014Studies on influence of different hormonal concentrations on in vitro micropropagation of Mentha piperitaKumar, NaveenSharma, D R
24-Nov-2016Study of molecular association in binary mixtures of acetonitrile and amidesKumar, NageshSharma, D R
21-Apr-2016Supernatural and grotesque elements in the works of Isaac Bashevis singerBhullar, Amrit PalSharma, D R
25-Apr-2016The element of agnosticism in the novels of Aldous HuxleyGill, Kulwant SinghSharma, D R
18-May-2016The quest for identity in the works of V S NaipaulGupta, VeenaSharma, D R