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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
20-Jun-2017A comparative study of chromosomes of the dendroid and herbaceous species of euphorbia and its allies and the effects of certain pesticides on chromosomesBasak, SunilenduSharma, A K
14-Oct-2016A novel graph based approach for clustering spatial data setsSood, ArtiSharma, A K
17-Oct-2016A P and P framework for knowledge discovery from world wide webAtreja, NeelamSharma, A K
28-Jul-2017A study of nuclear division as affected by chemical compounds and an investigation on structure and behaviour of chromosomes of the family rubiaceaeMajumdar, LinaSharma, A K
27-Jul-2017A study of the chromosomal and associated changes in the evolution of some species propagating principally through vegetative means with special reference to those induced by physical agentsBhattacharyya, DipasriSharma, A K
27-Jul-2017A study of the susceptibility of nucleus chromosomes and their differential segments to physical and chemical agentsPeer, Maharaj KrishenSharma, A K
20-Jun-2017Alterations in the structure and behaviour of chromosomes through treatments with physical and chemical agencies and chromosome studies in relation to taxonomy of some vascular plantsChaudhuri, Rajat KantiSharma, A K
20-Jun-2017An Investigation on the effect of different carcinogens and mutagens on chromosome structure and cytological study as an aid in assessing the systematic status of several genera of lilifloreaeBanerjee, SakuntalaSharma, A K
26-Jul-2017Analysis of chromosomes in in vitro systems and chemical content of some active sapogenin yielding speciesSengupta, JayantiSharma, A K
21-Jun-2017Application of chromosome banding technique as a parameter for chromosome identification in leguminosaeLavania, Umesh ChandraSharma, A K
6-Mar-2020Assessment of distribution pattern and selection of superior populations of bergenia ciliata haw sternb in Mussoorie forest divisionKaliyathan, Namitha NhandadiyilSharma, A K
27-Jul-2017Biosystematic investigations on several members of the family polygonaceae with special reference to their chromosomal characteristicsSahay, Shyam NandanSharma, A K
11-Jul-2017Chromosome characteristics and DNA estimation in commelinaceaeAlam, NigarSharma, A K
21-Jun-2017Chromosome evolution and the response to external agents in certain tribes of orchidaceae and other familiesSau, HaradhanSharma, A K
26-Jul-2017Chromosome studies and chemical analysis of some medicinal species with special reference to the genus dioscoreaPal, AmitaSharma, A K
26-Jul-2017Chromosome studies and exploration of the chemical constituents of piper and allied generaJose, JosephSharma, A K
26-Jul-2017Chromosome studies and heterochromatin in different strains of maydeaeSarma, Jayanthi Sankara PrasadSharma, A K
27-Jul-2017Chromosome studies in orchidaceae and magnoliaceaeBiswas, Bidyut KumarSharma, A K
10-Jul-2017Chromosome studies of some economically important species of the family marantaceae and in vitro culture of costus speciosusMukhopadhyay, SandipSharma, A K
14-Jun-2017Chromosome study as an aid in tracing the phylogeny of certain taxa of angiosperms and the effect of polyploidising agents at the somatic levelRoy, Satyesh ChandraSharma, A K