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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
2-Jul-2018Biochemical genetical studies on galactose non utilising mutants of Aspergillus nidulansSulochana D.DasShanmugasundram.E.R.B
16-Jul-2018Biochemical Genetical studies on Temperature sensitive mutantsRoshanaraBegam.BShanmugasundram.E.R.B
31-May-2018Metabolic regulation in glucose utilisation by gynmema sylvestre R Br in Diabetes MellitusSamudram..PShanmugasundram.E.R.B
16-Jul-2018Mycotoxicoses A study on the Variations of Blood constituents during Penicillium patulum ToxicosisJeyadass.TShanmugasundram.E.R.B
17-Oct-2018Mycotoxicoses biochemical studies on the mycotoxins of penicillium oyclopiumRamani NShanmugasundram.E.R.B
14-May-2018Mycotoxicoses Biochemical studies on the toxin terrein produced by Aspergillus terreusSanchidanandam.PShanmugasundram.E.R.B
23-Jul-2018Mycotoxicoses biochemical studies on the toxins produced by penicillium crustosumSedigheh AbediniShanmugasundram.E.R.B
2-Jul-2018Mycotoxicoses penicillium rubrum toxicosis studied in ratsSaraswathy NatarajanShanmugasundram.E.R.B
15-Jun-2018Mycotozicoses Biochemical studies on the toxicity of patulinDevaraj.HShanmugasundram.E.R.B
2-Jul-2018Nutrional and Biochemical studies on Mango kernel FatRadhakrishnan.VShanmugasundram.E.R.B
17-Oct-2018Nutritional and biochemical studies of drumstick moringa oleifera leaf protein concentrateSaroja NShanmugasundram.E.R.B
16-Jul-2018Nutritional and Biochemical studies on Sal FatArunagiri.RShanmugasundram.E.R.B
2-Jul-2018Plasma lipid lowering action of Annapavala Sindhooram A Siddha medicinal formulation in the treatment of AtherosclerosisChandrika.CShanmugasundram.E.R.B
17-Oct-2018Some biochemical Studies on the edibility of manga kernel fatNiranjali SivasithamparamShanmugasundram.E.R.B
7-Jun-2018Studies on Pyridoxine Bio synthesisRaghuraman.VShanmugasundram.E.R.B