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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
10-Sep-2020An effective standing exposure in gridlock deadlockMohan ASenthilkumar P
20-Jun-2017Awareness on climate change and science process skills of xi standard studentsSenthilkumar PNagavalli T
26-Aug-2020Cloning characterization and expression of vacuolar H ATPase subunit c from the mangrove species porteresia coarctata Roxb tateokaSenthilkumar PAjay Parida
7-Feb-2020Comparative study of Independent and synergistic toxic effects of a pesticide and two metallic compounds among the Indian Major carpsEswari SSenthilkumar P
13-Apr-2015Detection and removal of redundant And illegitimate data in data Repository an empirical analysisSenthilkumar PSuthanthira vanitha N
5-Nov-2019Enhancmenton channel scheduling in switched optical networksVishnupriya ASenthilkumar P
23-Sep-2020Evaluation of Anticancer Potential and Effect of Chloroform Extract against Den Diethylnitrosamine and Phenobarbital Induced Hepatocellular Carcinoma Using Male Spraugue Dawlay Rat in Vitro Regeneration and Genetic Fidelity Analysis of Turnera Subulata Sm An Important Medicinal HerbMythili SaravananSenthilkumar P
17-Sep-2019Experimental investigations on AA6063 TiC metal matrix compositesSaravanan SSenthilkumar P
10-Sep-2020Green Synthesis of Metal and Metal Oxide Nanoparticles from Ruellia Tuberosa L and its Pharmacological and Biological Applications a Novel Approach towards Weed UtilizationVasantha Raj SSenthilkumar P
20-Aug-2019Investigation on performance combustion and emission characteristics of pongamia water emulsion in single cylinder 4 stroke diesel engineSelvaraj MSenthilkumar P
16-Oct-2015Quantum chemical investigations of some stilbene derivatives for dye sensitized solar cellSenthilkumar PAnbarasan P M
21-Nov-2019R and D Output On Spices Amongst The Asian Countries A Cross National AnalysisSenthilkumar PA.Amudhavalli
19-Aug-2019Study of moisture transfer characteristics of double face knitted fabricsSathish babu BSenthilkumar P
1-Oct-2014Study of tool wear using acoustic emission and intelligent techniquesKulandaivelu PSenthilkumar P
5-Nov-2019Study on firewall system identify and troubleshoot the malignant packet detection using similarity index algorithmSenthilkumar PGeetha K
14-Aug-2020Synthesis and characterization of silica nanoparticles prepared using agricultural wastes and its environmental applicationsDurairaj KSenthilkumar P
12-Nov-2014Theoretical and experimental Investigation of performance and Emission characteristics of aquanol In a single cylinder four stroke Diesel engineSenthilkumar PDhandapani S