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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
4-Jan-2016A critical exposition of the vakyarthamatrka of the prakarana pancikaSarma, Rajendra NathGoswami, A K
4-Jan-2016A study on the pramanas of the Samkhya darsanaSaha, GeetaSarma, Rajendra Nath
5-Jan-2016Contributions of mah mahop dhy ya purusottama vidy v g a to sanskrit grammar a studyChakravarty, RanjanSarma, Rajendra Nath
8-Jan-2016Epistemology of the advaita vedanta with reference to the vedanta paribhasaKumar, Dhirendra MohanSarma, Rajendra Nath
5-Jan-2016Hindu saddarsanas in the naisadha caritaDevi, SagarikaSarma, Rajendra Nath
4-Jan-2016Jivanmukti viveka of vidy ranya a studyMahanta, SriprakashSarma, Rajendra Nath
4-Jan-2016Major and minor deities of the rgveda a studyBhadra, Sudhendu MohanSarma, Rajendra Nath
4-Jan-2016Samkhya yoga epistemology a studyBiswas, MuktaSarma, Rajendra Nath
5-Jan-2016Studies in R m nuj c rya with special reference to the tantrarahasyaSarma, SrikantaSarma, Rajendra Nath
8-Jan-2016Studies in samkaracaryaGoswami, RanjitaSarma, Rajendra Nath
4-Jan-2016Studies in vacaspati misra with special reference to the samkhya tattva kaumudiGoswami, Prabodh ChandraSarma, Rajendra Nath
5-Jan-2016Tantra its relevance to modern timesDatta, Parimal KumarSarma, Rajendra Nath
4-Jan-2016The cand ataka a critical studyDeva Sarma, Khagendra NathSarma, Rajendra Nath
4-Jan-2016The concept and treatment of purus rtha in indian philosophyPaik, SipraSarma, Rajendra Nath