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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
6-May-2021An Insight into molecular mechanisms involved during transition of physiological to pathological cardiac hypertrophy in a murine modelChatterjee, EmeliSarkar, Sagartirtha
28-Jul-2017Genetic polymorphism at the molecular level in response to heavy metals as stress factors in aquatic organisms in and around the Kolkata metropolisKarmakar, DebasishSarkar, Sagartirtha
28-Dec-2017Mode of action of curcumin from the common Indian plant curcuma longa for the treatment of cardiovascular diseasesRay, AramitaSarkar, Sagartirtha
15-Dec-2017Molecular changes in heart during post myocardial infarction remodeling in a murine modelDatta, KaberiSarkar, Sagartirtha
1-Sep-2017Novel cardiomyocyte specific targeted biomolecules as Nanovehicles for targeted therapy during hypertrophyRana, SantanuSarkar, Sagartirtha
1-Sep-2017Role of dystrophin and sarcoglycan genes in cardiovascular diseasesPathak, KanchanSarkar, Sagartirtha
26-Jul-2017Role of JAK STAT pathway in myocardial collagen upregulation during hypertrophyMir, Saiful AnamSarkar, Sagartirtha
1-Nov-2017Study of differential protein expression and signaling mechanisms involved in two different models of cardiac dysfunction in rat in vivoMitra, ArkadeepSarkar, Sagartirtha
9-Oct-2017Study of myocyte apoptosis and regeneration in a murine model in vivo and in vitro during transition of hypertrophy to heart failureChatterjee, ArunachalSarkar, Sagartirtha
1-Sep-2017Study of the molecular changes between pathological and physiological cardiac hypertrophy in a mouse modelNaskar, ShaonSarkar, Sagartirtha
28-Dec-2017Study of the role of heat shock protein HSP 90 in different cardiac disease formsDatta, RitwikSarkar, Sagartirtha