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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
16-Jun-2017Genetical studies on some characters of silkworms and mulberry plants with reference to certain aspects of silk productionSarkar, AmitabhaBanerjee, S P
1-Sep-2017Metal nanoparticle as catalyst for organic transformationsBej, AnsumanSarkar, Amitabha
27-Jul-2017Probing biomolecular interactions with chemically modified self-assembled monolayers and nanoparticlesRay, NamrataSarkar, Amitabha
15-Jun-2018Pyrazole-Derived Ligands in Palladium-Catalyzed reactionsDas, TulumaSarkar, Amitabha
16-May-2017Selectivity in C_C bond forming reactions on arene_tricarbonylchromium templateMandal, Sunil KumarSarkar, Amitabha
12-Apr-2017Stereochemistry and reactivity of new fischer carbene complexes of chromium and tungstenJayaprakash, K NSarkar, Amitabha
18-Apr-2017Stereoselective functionalization and C_C bond formation on transition metal templateSwamy, Vishwanath MSarkar, Amitabha
17-Apr-2017Stereoselective functionalizations on arene chromium templateSuresh Kumar, TSarkar, Amitabha
4-Apr-2017Studies in stereochemistry and reactivity of new organometallic complexes of Chromium and TungstenHazra, DebasisSarkar, Amitabha
11-May-2017Synthesis stucture and reactivity of metal_carbene complexes derived from transition metalsMaishal, Tarun KumarSarkar, Amitabha
27-Jul-2017Variation of structural motifs in phosphine ligands for efficiency in Palladium catalyzed coupling reactionSaha, DebajyotiSarkar, Amitabha