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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
29-Aug-2017A comparative study of yoghurt prepared from cow and buffalo milkGovindamSaraswat, B L
21-Aug-2017A study on heavy metals in milk and milk productsKumar, SanjaySaraswat, B L
18-Aug-2017A study on important nutritional practices and health therapy in relation to economic characters in Gangatiri cowsSingh, Prabhat KumarSaraswat, B L
21-Aug-2017Cost benefit analysis of commercial broilers fed diets incorporated with graded levels of fibre supplemented with enzymesSingh, Ajay KumarSaraswat, B L
14-Aug-2017Effect of enzyme incorporated diet on the performance of broiler chicksSingh, Ashok KumarSaraswat, B L
18-Aug-2017Effect of seasons on biological responses and productivity of buffaloesPrakash, O MSaraswat, B L
14-Aug-2017Effect of stresroak on nutrient utilization egg production and certain blood metabolites in white plymouth rock birdsSingh, SurendraSaraswat, B L
15-Jan-2018Employment and income generation from various enter prises in mixed farming system an economic analysis in District Ballia of U PSingh, Akhila NandSaraswat, B L
14-Aug-2017Energy and protein requirements for Jaunpuri goatsSrivastava, Shanti PrakashSaraswat, B L
14-Aug-2017Evaluation of feed fodder resources and the nutritional status of dairy animals in Varanasi division of eastern U PSingh, Ajey PratapSaraswat, B L
14-Aug-2017Factors affecting replacement rate and its component various calf production traits in Gangatiri breedPandey, R PSaraswat, B L
23-Aug-2017Heavy metal pollution and its effect on animal growthSingh, Om PrakashSaraswat, B L
29-Aug-2017Impact of graded levels of crude fibre diets supplemented with enzymes on the growth and productivity of layersSingh, SujeetSaraswat, B L
10-Nov-2017Maximizing genetic gain through selection indices in Hariana cattleSandeepSaraswat, B L
21-Aug-2017Nutritional practices and management of dairy animals in central Uttar PradeshTripathi, Sarvesh ChandraSaraswat, B L
14-Aug-2017Nutritional status of cattle and buffaloes under mixed farming system of Jaunpur district in Varanasi division of Uttar PradeshSingh, Vinay KumarSaraswat, B L
21-Aug-2017Nutritive value of feed and fodder resources and the nutritional status of dairy animals in the tarai belt of eastern U PShahi, Mahendra VikramSaraswat, B L
18-Aug-2017Optimization of heat energy required for spray drying of WPC 70 from buffalo milk and storage stability of the productNayyar, Vijay KumarSaraswat, B L
18-Aug-2017Performance of lactating tharparkar cattle under organised farm conditionKumar, SanjaySaraswat, B L
14-Aug-2017Performance of sahiwal and gangatiri cows and their crossbredsMaurya, Parashu RamSaraswat, B L