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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
9-Aug-2018An investigation on accumulation of arsenic in ecosystem of gangetic West Bengal and assessment of potential health riskSamal, Alok ChandraSantra, S C
3-Aug-2018An investigation on the plant strategies for adaptation in saline habitat with reference to some plants of tropical mangrove vegetationBrahma, Aloke KumarSantra, S C
17-Aug-2018An investigation on the removal of arsenic from ground water by microbial systemBhar, GopaSantra, S C
10-Aug-2018Assessment of air borne particulate distribution and their accumulation in tree canopies of Urban environment in the perspective of identification of tolerant plants suitable for green belt developmentKar, SandeepSantra, S C
3-Aug-2018Biochemical and enzymatic analysis of benthic algae of Sunderbans West Bengal IndiaChakraborty, SukalyanSantra, S C
3-Aug-2018Biochemical and molecular characterization of bacterial consortium of municipal solid wastesSaha, AmritaSantra, S C
10-Aug-2018Biological investigation on some herbivorous insect pests of plantation forests in West Bengal IndiaRoy, BidhanSantra, S C
6-May-2019Biomonitoring of water pollution An ecotoxicological studies using aquatic algaeDan, SubrataSantra, S C
6-May-2019Ecological studies on different types of high altitude temperate vegetation in the Meghma Tonglu regions of Darjeeling Hills West Bengal IndiaSaha, SantanuSantra, S C
9-Aug-2018Elemental profile and physiological response of epiphytic lichen Parmelia caperata exposed to air pollutants An approach towards passive monitoring of air pollution in Kolkata IndiaMajumder, ShaoliSantra, S C
9-Aug-2018Environmental management of Peri Urban interface using space borne data and GIS A study of East Kolkata Peri Urban ecosystemPal, MausumiSantra, S C
27-Aug-2018Investigation on microbial interaction in elemental cycling at estuarine environment Sundarban IndiaJayjit, MajumdarSantra, S C
6-May-2019Investigation on the biology of some symbiotic and epiphytic algaeGangopadhyay, SanghamitraSantra, S C
3-Aug-2018Medical waste management policy in BangladeshBiswas, ArunaSantra, S C
9-Aug-2018Morphological biochemical and cytological investigations of different plant species under tribe phaseolae of Indian fabaceaeBandyopadhyay, BaisakhiSantra, S C
10-Aug-2018Studies in bioremediation of wastewater in perspective of reuse in agriculture and aquacultureDas, SumanSantra, S C
9-Aug-2018Studies on a coastal creek ecosystem with special consideration of energetics trophic status productivity and biodiversity changeDeb, ManishaSantra, S C
9-Aug-2018Studies on arsenic bioaccumulation on rice system and its possible consequencesBhattacharya, PiyalSantra, S C
27-Aug-2018Studies on carrying capacity assessment of Haldia industrial complex West Bengal IndiaAariz, AftabSantra, S C
10-Aug-2018Studies on fungal bio diversity of mangrove vegetation of West Bengal IndiaChaudhuri, PunarbasuSantra, S C