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26-Aug-2020Complexometry involving heavy metal lons complexes of uranyl lon with amino and mercapto acidaRaghavan ASantappa M
14-Oct-2019Complexometry Mixed ligand complexes of uranyl ion with amino acids and simple and substituted carboxylic acidsSelvaraj P VSantappa M
21-Nov-2019Covalent structural Modification of ProteinsGnanasoundari SSantappa M
20-Nov-2019Kinetics of polymerisation vinyl polymerisation initiated by vanadium V organic substrate redox systemSaccubai SSantappa M
14-Oct-2019Kinetics of vinyl polymerization in aqueous solution by photo chemical methodsMahadeva Ayyar VSantappa M
5-Sep-2020kinetics of vinyl polymerization in solution ceric ions in aqueous solutionLalitha JSantappa M
5-Sep-2020Kinetics of vinyl polymerization in solution ceric ions in aqueous solutionLalitha JSantappa M
7-Nov-2019Reaction and properties of polymers systems solution properties of polyacrylamideKausalya MSantappa M
14-Oct-2019Reaction kinetics in aqueous solution vinyl polymerization photosensitized by dyesNagabhushanam TSantappa M
21-Nov-2019Studies on metal complexes and their properties in solutionDevendran V PSantappa M
29-Jul-2019Studies on solution properties of copolymersArulsamy S MSantappa M
7-Nov-2019Studies on solution properties of high polymers some homo and co polymersVenkataramana Reddy GSantappa M
2-Jul-2018Studies on the Reactions of some diperoxo chromium IV complexes and their oxidation reduction mechanismsRanganathan C KSantappa M
28-Sep-2017Studies on the substitution reactions of some Chromium(III) SCHIFF - base complexesPrasad Rajendra DSantappa M; Ramasami T; Ramaswamy D