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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
20-Mar-2018Development of high quality n_TCO thin films by PLD with novel applications for devices as value in commercial effortsRamamoorthy, KSanjeeviraja, C
20-Mar-2018Electrochromic oxide thin films_preparation_characterization and device fabricationSivakumar, RSanjeeviraja, C
20-Mar-2018Electrodeposition of tungsten chalcogenide thin films and characterisation for photoelectrochemical solar cellsJebaraj Devadasan, JSanjeeviraja, C
20-Mar-2018Introduction of novel crystal growth methods and synthesis of indium phosphide polycrystalline materialSankaranarayanan, KSanjeeviraja, C
20-Mar-2018Investigation on the single crystal growth and characterization of novel organic NLO materials_Benzophenone and ethyl p_amino benzoateArivanandhan, MSanjeeviraja, C
16-Mar-2018Optimization and photoelectronic properties of layered semiconductor thin films for solar cellsAmalraj, LSanjeeviraja, C
14-Dec-2015Preparation and characterization of metal oxide nanopowders by microwave assisted combustion method for gas sensing devicesNehru, LCSanjeeviraja, C
20-Oct-2015Preparation and characterization of metal oxide semiconductor thin films for solar cell and sensor devicesSenthilkumar, VSanjeeviraja, C
20-Oct-2015Preparation and characterization of RF sputtered oxide thin films for devicesJeyadheepan, KSanjeeviraja, C
14-Dec-2015Preparation and characterization of transparent conducting oxide thin films for sensor devicesAnuradha, BSanjeeviraja, C
21-Mar-2018Preparation and characterization studies on semiconducting thin films for PECMary Delphine, SSanjeeviraja, C
20-Mar-2018Preparation and investigations on oxide semiconducting thin films for photo response devicesSaravanakumar, KSanjeeviraja, C
20-Oct-2015Studies on electrochromic properties of RF sputtered transition metal oxide thin filmsRachel Malini, DSanjeeviraja, C
16-Mar-2018Studies on electrodeposited and brush plated SnSxSe1_x semiconducting thin films for photoelectrochemical cellsSubramanian, BSanjeeviraja, C
20-Oct-2015Studies on metal nitride thin films prepared by DC reactive magnetron sputtering techniqueAshok, KSanjeeviraja, C
14-Dec-2015Studies on nano semiconductor oxide materials prepared by sol gel combustion method and gas sensor characterizationAyeshamariam, ASanjeeviraja, C
20-Oct-2015Studies on transparent conducting oxide films for gas sensor devicesNagarani, SSanjeeviraja, C
20-Mar-2018Synthesis and characterisation of oxide materials for electrochromic devicesVijayalakshmi, RSanjeeviraja, C
14-Dec-2015Synthesis and characterization of LiMVO4 cathode materials for rechargeable lithium batteriesPrakash, DSanjeeviraja, C
20-Oct-2015Synthesis and characterization of oxide thin films for devicesMohamed Ibrahim, MSanjeeviraja, C