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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
2-Aug-2019A pragmatic approach to overcome non tariff barriers NTBs in regional trade arrangements RTAs an exploratory analysisSanjay KumarDevaraj, M.
27-Dec-2017A Study of Effectivenees of Video Programmes Perpared By C I E T In Mathematics For IX Class StudentsTyagi, Vishnu DuttSanjay Kumar
3-Dec-2020A Study of Gyan Darshan in Relation to Educational Achievement in Different Subjects of StudiesTyagi, RituSanjay Kumar
25-Jun-2021A Study of Prospects and Constraints of Potato Growers in Agra Region U PSanjay KumarSingh S P
23-Dec-2015A study of total quality managment programs in life insurance sector with special refrence to SBI life insurance co LtdSanjay KumarSingh, P K
28-Jan-2020Advertising Publicity and Use of Media for Marketing of Tourism ProductsSanjay KumarPurnendu Tripathi
8-Jan-2019Alkaline oxidemetric determination of pyrazinamide isoniazid nifurtimox nalidixic acid albendazole benznidazole and other drugs by potassium ditelluratoargentate III regentSanjay KumarMishra, R N
24-Jun-2019An economic analysis of agricultural diversification in Himachal Pradesh _The case study of district SolanSanjay KumarBarik K.
29-Dec-2016Bauddh sahitya meain vaanijjya evam vyapar vyavasthaSanjay KumarPathak, Suresh Kumar
28-Sep-2020bauddh vadmay me krashi vyavasthaSanjay KumarParmanand Singh
17-Nov-2014Bharat main Naksalvad Purvi Uttar Pradesh ke vishesh sandarbh main ek AddhayanSanjay KumarSharma, Neeta Bora
6-Jan-2014Bioprocess strategies for the production of recombinant human granulocyte-colony stimulating factor in Escherichia coliSanjay KumarMukherjee, K J
1-Apr-2013Challenges and opportunities in life insurance sector in India: a comparative study of public and private sectorSanjay KumarChhiller, A S
28-May-2013Chemical studies on the polysaccharides of some red seaweed species of India coastSanjay KumarSiddhanta A K
23-Aug-2013Cloning and characterization of genes involved in Picrosides biosynthesis in picrorhiza kurrooa royle Ex benthamHarsharan SinghSanjay Kumar
31-Oct-2017Cloning and Characterization of Upstream Sequences of Selected Genes of Isoprenoid Biosynthetic Pathway of Picrorhiza kurrooa Royle ex BenthKawoosa, TabasumSanjay Kumar
11-Aug-2014A comparative study of personality factors academic performance socio economic status and teaching skills of pupil teachers of self financed and aided institutionsJeetendra KumarSanjay Kumar
25-Sep-2020Differentials in levels of educational Attainment among scheduled castes A study of select villages in Jind districtSanjay KumarChamar, K V
26-Mar-2020Economic Sustainability of Print Media Through Advertising Revenue A Study of Select Daily Newspapers in Andhra PradeshSanjay KumarProf. V.V. Subramanya Sarma
28-Mar-2013Effect of 'Om meditation on brainstem auditory evoked potentials, autonomic and respiratory variables and selective attentionSanjay KumarTelles, Shirley; Nagendra H R