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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
20-Feb-2017Augmentative biological control potential evaluation of cotton pests using reduviidKalidas, SSahayaraj, K
21-Apr-2015Bioefficacy of rhynocoris fuscipes fab hemiptera reduviidae and beauveria bassiana bals ascomycota hypocreales toxic protein and its silver nanoparticles against cotton pestsMajesh tomson,Sahayaraj, K
20-Feb-2017Formulation and evaluation of plant_based insecticides on Odoiporus longicollis _Olivier_ _Coleoptera_ CurculionidaeKombiah, PSahayaraj, K
13-Feb-2017Formulation and evaluation of plant_based insecticides on odoiporus longicollis _olivier_ _coleoptera_ curculionidae_Kombiah, PSahayaraj, K
14-Oct-2016Integration of intercrops and plant products on chosen groundnut pests managementGabriel Paulraj,Sahayaraj, K
31-Dec-2015Integration of selected Reduviids and botanicals in groundnut pest managementRavi, CSahayaraj, K
17-Oct-2016Marine macroalgae extracts liquid formulations and biomimetic silver nanoparticles against cotton phytopathogensRajesh, SSahayaraj, K
31-Dec-2015Natural factitious host and oligidic diets on bioecology bacterial molecular an antibody profiles of Rhynocoris marginatus _FabCatharin Sara, SSahayaraj, K
8-Sep-2010Natural, factitious host and oligidic diets on bioecology, bacterial, molecular and antibody profiles of rhynocoris marginatus (Fab.)Balasubramanian, RSahayaraj, K
13-Nov-2014Rapd analyses of entomopathogenic fungus metarhizium anisopliae metsch sorokin deuteromycotina hyphomycetes and its bioefficacy on dysdercus cingulatus fab hemiptera pyrrhocoridaeFrancis Borgio, JSahayaraj, K
10-Sep-2014Rhinoceros fuscipes fab Venomous saliva biological and immunomodulatory activity against insect pest and miceVinoth Kanna, ASahayaraj, K
13-Feb-2017Rhynocoris marginatus _Fab_ salivary venom_characterization and its zootoxic effects on Spodoptera litura _Fab_Muthu Kumar, SSahayaraj, K
28-Dec-2015Studies on pest and natural enemy complex of groundnut in Tirunelveli and Thoothukudi districtsRaju, GSahayaraj, K
2-Feb-2017Studies on the predatory spiders in groundnut ecosystemJeya Parvathi, SSahayaraj, K
30-Jan-2017Toxicological immunological and biochemical effects of chosen medicinally important Rutaceae and compositae plants against Spodoptera Litura _FAB_ _Lepidoptera Noctuidae_Brisca Renuga, FSahayaraj, K