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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
10-Jul-2017A possible role of sialic acid in female mammalian reproduction in relation to the different ambient temperatureSarkar, Mukul Kumar DeSadhu, D P
4-Jun-2018A possible role of sialic acid in reproduction in male animalsRay, Birendra NathSadhu, D P
20-Jun-2017Biochemical studies on human placentaSarkar, Gora ChandSadhu, D P
4-Jun-2018Chemical method for detection of ovulation timeBose, Satyendra NathSadhu, D P
28-Jul-2017Histological and histochemical observations on the oviduct of birdsChakravorti, KalipadaSadhu, D P
26-Jul-2017Mechanism of transamination in the rumen with reference to urea utilizationChaudhuri, Gopendu BhushanSadhu, D P
20-Jun-2017Role of water and electrolytes in the regulation of body temperature in desert climateBasu, Samarendra KumarSadhu, D P
20-Jun-2017Studies on blood and nutritional physiology in growing Bull calves in relation to climateRoy, Chitta RanjanSadhu, D P
4-Jun-2018Studies on blood bio chemical changes in dogs with insulin resistant diabetic conditionDas, Saumendra NathSadhu, D P
4-Jun-2018Studies on comparative gluconeogenesis in ruminant and nonruminant mammalsGhosh, Shiba PadaSadhu, D P
20-Jun-2017Studies on some aspects of bovine thermoregulation with special reference to the physiological significance of hump and dewlap of Indian cattleChowdhury, D RoySadhu, D P
28-Jul-2017Studies on some biochemical aspects of comparative thermoregulationChaudhuri, Sukhendra ChandraSadhu, D P
27-Aug-2018Studies on the mechanism of nitrogen utilization in goatSaha, GaneshSadhu, D P
20-Jun-2017Studies on the physiology of thyroid in relation to changes in ambient temperatureBhattacharyya, SantwanaSadhu, D P
28-Jul-2017The mechanism of utilisation of sugar in animals exposed to different ambient temperaturesPal, Anil KumarSadhu, D P
28-Jul-2017Utilisation of industrial Waste Biscuit factory in the replacement of cereals in poultry feedBhattacherya, Sankar ProsadSadhu, D P