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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
24-Sep-2020Exploration of assortment of interfaces of some lonik liquids in solvent system by physicochemical approachRay, TanusreeRoy, Mahendra Nath
13-Jun-2019Exploration of assortment of interfaces of some lonik liquids in solvent system by physicochemical approachRay, TanusreeRoy, Mahendra Nath
9-Jul-2019Exploration of diversified interactions of some significant compounds prevalent in several environments by physicochemical contrivanceDutta, AshutoshRoy, Mahendra Nath
15-Jul-2019Exploration of inclusion complexes between host and guest molecules and solvation effect of some vital molecules in various environmentsKundu, MitaliRoy, Mahendra Nath
4-Aug-2017Exploration of interactions of some vitamins prevailing in liquid Systems by physicochemical contrivancesChakraborti, PalashRoy, Mahendra Nath
5-May-2021Host guest inclusion complexes and thermodynamic properties of some imperative molecules with the manifestation of diverse interections by physiochemical investigationSaha, Binoy ChandraRoy, Mahendra Nath
28-Oct-2013Investigation in solution properties of bioactive solutes and mineral salts prevailing in some aqueous and nonaqueous solvent systemsRoy, Pran KumarRoy, Mahendra Nath
3-Jun-2019Investigation of assorted interactions of vital compounds aqueous ionic liquid and vitamin solutions and solvent arrangementsRoy, Milan ChandraRoy, Mahendra Nath
5-May-2021Investigation of host guest inclusion complexation of some biologically potent molecules and solvent consequences of some food preservations with the manifestation of synthesis characterization and innovative applicationsBiplab, Rajbanshi,Roy, Mahendra Nath
20-Mar-2020Investigation of Host Guest Inclusion Complexations and Diverse Interactions of Some Industrially and Biologically Potent Molecules in Assorted Phases by Physicochemical MethodologiesYasmin, AnanyaRoy, Mahendra Nath
17-May-2017Investigation on salt solution and solution solution properties by physico chemical techniquesDas, Rajesh KumarRoy, Mahendra Nath
17-May-2017Investigation on solute solute solute solvent and solvent solvent interactions prevailing in some liquid systemGhosh, GargiRoy, Mahendra Nath
16-May-2017Physico chemical investigation of various properties prevailing in liquid liquid mixtures and electrolytic solutionsSarkar, Bipul KumarRoy, Mahendra Nath
17-May-2017Physico chemical investigation on molecular interactions occuring in various liquid systemsBhattacharjee, ArijitRoy, Mahendra Nath
4-Aug-2017Physico Chemical studies on interaction of biologically active solutes and ionic salts in some industrially important solvent mediaBanik,IshaniRoy, Mahendra Nath
23-Feb-2017Physico chemical studies on the solute solvent interactions of some electrolytes in various single and binary solvent mediaGurung, Bhoj BahadurRoy, Mahendra Nath
22-May-2017Physico chemical studies on various interactions in some industrial solvent systems and viscous synergy and antagonism prevailing in liquid mixturesSarkar, LovelyRoy, Mahendra Nath
17-Oct-2018Physicochemical investigation of assorted interactions of some imperative compounds with the manifestation of solvation effects prevalent in diverse solvent systemsDas, KoyeliRoy, Mahendra Nath
24-Jun-2019Physicochemical investigation of some ionic liquid based surfactants and biologically active molecules in diverse arrangementsGhosh, RajaRoy, Mahendra Nath
18-May-2017Rheological and thermodynamic investigation of some properties prevailing in aqueous and non aqueous systemBanerjee, AshisRoy, Mahendra Nath