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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
13-Jun-2019Exploration of assortment of interfaces of some lonik liquids in solvent system by physicochemical approachRay, TanusreeRoy, Mahendra Nath
9-Jul-2019Exploration of diversified interactions of some significant compounds prevalent in several environments by physicochemical contrivanceDutta, AshutoshRoy, Mahendra Nath
15-Jul-2019Exploration of inclusion complexes between host and guest molecules and solvation effect of some vital molecules in various environmentsKundu, MitaliRoy, Mahendra Nath
4-Aug-2017Exploration of interactions of some vitamins prevailing in liquid Systems by physicochemical contrivancesChakraborti, PalashRoy, Mahendra Nath
28-Oct-2013Investigation in solution properties of bioactive solutes and mineral salts prevailing in some aqueous and nonaqueous solvent systemsRoy, Pran KumarRoy, Mahendra Nath
3-Jun-2019Investigation of assorted interactions of vital compounds aqueous ionic liquid and vitamin solutions and solvent arrangementsRoy, Milan ChandraRoy, Mahendra Nath
17-May-2017Investigation on salt solution and solution solution properties by physico chemical techniquesDas, Rajesh KumarRoy, Mahendra Nath
17-May-2017Investigation on solute solute solute solvent and solvent solvent interactions prevailing in some liquid systemGhosh, GargiRoy, Mahendra Nath
23-Feb-2017Investigation on viscous synergy and antagonism of some liquid mixtures and ion solvent interaction of some compounds in various solvent systemsSinha, AnuradhaRoy, Mahendra Nath
23-Feb-2017Physico chemical investigation of solute solute solute solvent and solvent solvent interactions of some compounds in non aqueous and mixed solvent mediaChoudhury, AnkanRoy, Mahendra Nath
23-Feb-2017Physico chemical investigation of transport and thermodynamic properties of some electrolytes in various solvent systemsDas, MousumiRoy, Mahendra Nath
16-May-2017Physico chemical investigation of various properties prevailing in liquid liquid mixtures and electrolytic solutionsSarkar, Bipul KumarRoy, Mahendra Nath
17-May-2017Physico chemical investigation on molecular interactions occuring in various liquid systemsBhattacharjee, ArijitRoy, Mahendra Nath
23-Feb-2017Physico chemical investigation on various interactions in 1 4 dioxane and its binary systems and viscous antagonism and synergism prevailing in some solvent mediaSinha, BiswajitRoy, Mahendra Nath
4-Aug-2017Physico Chemical studies on interaction of biologically active solutes and ionic salts in some industrially important solvent mediaBanik,IshaniRoy, Mahendra Nath
23-Feb-2017Physico chemical studies on interactions between ion solvent ion ion and solvent solvent in aqueous and non aqueous pure and mixed solvent systemsDakua, Vikas KumarRoy, Mahendra Nath
23-Feb-2017Physico chemical studies on the solute solvent interactions of some electrolytes in various single and binary solvent mediaGurung, Bhoj BahadurRoy, Mahendra Nath
23-Feb-2017Physico chemical studies on the various interactions of some metal and tetra alkylammonium salts in different solvent systemsJha, AnupamRoy, Mahendra Nath
22-May-2017Physico chemical studies on various interactions in some industrial solvent systems and viscous synergy and antagonism prevailing in liquid mixturesSarkar, LovelyRoy, Mahendra Nath
17-Oct-2018Physicochemical investigation of assorted interactions of some imperative compounds with the manifestation of solvation effects prevalent in diverse solvent systemsDas, KoyeliRoy, Mahendra Nath