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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
27-Jan-2017Educational administration in OrissaMisra, BiswamohanRout, M K
27-Jan-2017Heterocyclic compounds for structure spectra correlationMisra, Prabhat KumarRout, M K
27-Jan-2017Heterocyclic sulphur and keto methylene compoundsMittra, Asoke SankarRout, M K
27-Jan-2017Influence of structural changes on absorption sensitisation and rearrangementPati, Durga CharanaRout, M K
27-Jan-2017Influence of structural changes on the rate and absorptionKar, JibananandaRout, M K
24-Jan-2018Kinetics and linear free energy relationship studies on some polymeric systemsSahoo, SanatanaRout, M K
25-Jan-2018Preparation and useful applications of some thiazolidone derivativesPujari, Hrushi KeshRout, M K
27-Jan-2017Retardation or acceleration in polymeric system and development of radical substituent constantsMisra, Satya RanjanRout, M K
27-Jan-2017Structure reactivity correlationAcharya, Rama ChandraRout, M K
15-Feb-2018Studies on acetophenones and some of their derivatives kinetic spectral and pharmacological studiesNayak, PadmalochanRout, M K
27-Jan-2017Studies on Acetophenones Deoxybenzoins and some of their derivatives - - Kinetic and spectral studiesBehera, GopabandhuRout, M K
25-Jan-2018Studies on acetophenones deoxybenzoins and some of their derivatives kinetic and spectral studiesBehera, GopabandhuRout, M K
10-Jan-2018Studies on reaction kinetics quantum mechanical calculations relating to absorption frequencies oscillator strengths etcPatnaik, Lalit NarayanRout, M K
12-Feb-2018Studies on retarded polymerizations with special reference to substituent effect reactivity correlationSamal, Narayan ChandraRout, M K
12-Feb-2018Studies on some plant products fixed oil and antispasmodicsPatnak, K KRout, M K
24-Jan-2018Studies on structure spectra correlation and natural products oilsMahanta, Baishnab CharanRout, M K
10-Jan-2018Studies on uranium IV and vanadium IV compoundsSatpathy, K CRout, M K
28-Oct-2016Studies on vinyl polymerization addition and oxidation reactionsMallick, NigamanandaRout, M K