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5-Jan-2016Atmospheric aerosols characterization at Anantapur Andhra PradeshNarasimhulu,K.Reddy,R. Ramakrishna
11-Jan-2016Characterisation of near surface aerosols at AnantapurBalakrishnaiah,G.Reddy,R. Ramakrishna
27-Apr-2016Correlation between opto electronic elastic and solid state parameters of materialsAhmed,Syed NisarReddy,R. Ramakrishna
28-Dec-2015Glass formation tendency and optical basicity of a glassPrasad,J. V. RaghavendraReddy,R. Ramakrishna
5-Jan-2016Investigations on the spacecraft interval charging and its relevant software developmentRao,M. NageswaraReddy,R. Ramakrishna
28-Dec-2015Optical electronic and spectroscopic studies of diatomic and polyatomic moleculesAnjaneyulu,S.Reddy,R. Ramakrishna
18-Dec-2015Opto electronic lattice thermo acoustic and spectroscopic properties of some materialsAnjaneyulu,S.Reddy,R. Ramakrishna
18-Dec-2015Opto electronic thermal and lattice properties of crystalline and non crystalline aggregatesKumar,M. RaviReddy,R. Ramakrishna
18-Dec-2015Physico chemical studies in solidsAhammed,Y. NazeerReddy,R. Ramakrishna
18-Dec-2015Physico chemical studies on semiconductors and non crystalline solidsGopal,K. RamaReddy,R. Ramakrishna
28-Dec-2015Quantum chemical physical and thermoacoustic studies in some polar liquid crystalsVenkatesulu,A.Reddy,R. Ramakrishna
18-Dec-2015Spectroscopic and solid state investigations on materialsDevi,B. SasikalaReddy,R. Ramakrishna
18-Dec-2015Spectroscopic and solid state studies of simple and astrophysically important moleculesViswanath,R.Reddy,R. Ramakrishna
11-Jan-2016Spectroscopic properties of diatomic moleculsesLingaraju,LingarajuReddy,R. Ramakrishna
28-Dec-2015Spectroscopic studies on astrophysically important Bas Lis Scs and Ticl moleculesPrathibha,C.Reddy,R. Ramakrishna
28-Dec-2015Spectroscopic studies on certain cometary diatomic moleculesBasha,D. BabaReddy,R. Ramakrishna
18-Dec-2015Spectroscopic studies on certain diatomic moleculesReddy,R. RamakrishnaRao,T. V. Ramakrishna
8-Jan-2016Spectroscopic studies on diatomic moleculesSarma,C. L. N.Reddy,R. Ramakrishna
28-Dec-2015Studies on optical absorption photoluminescence spectra and electrical properties of certain rare earth ions doped borotellurite glassesReddy,C. Venkata KrishnaReddy,R. Ramakrishna
18-Dec-2015Studies on spectroscopic and other related properties of non crystalline solidsAzeem,P. AbdulReddy,R. Ramakrishna