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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
28-Apr-2016A critical study of the selected essays of lamb and hazlittVenu,K. ParimalaReddy,P. Bayapa
25-Apr-2016A study of double vision rural and urban life presented in Indian fiction in english with special reference to the selected works of Mulk Raj Anand Bhabani Bhattacharya and Kamala MarkandayaReddy,K. GopalReddy,P. Bayapa
28-Apr-2016Derek Walcott A study of his selected playsRamaiah,G. SeethaReddy,P. Bayapa
23-Dec-2015Domestic comedy in Neil Simons playsReddy,Y. KodandaReddy,P. Bayapa
28-Dec-2015Identity crisis in the selected poems of T S Eliot A critical studyPadma,P.Reddy,P. Bayapa
28-Apr-2016Social relevance in the selected plays in Indian writing in englishReddy,K. V. SubbaReddy,P. Bayapa
2-May-2016Social relevance in the selected plays of A S P Ayyar Harindranath Chattopadhyaya Asif Currimbhoy and Partap Sharma A studyReddy,K. V. SubbaReddy,P. Bayapa
28-Apr-2016The autobiographical element in the novels of M V Rama Sarma A studySekhar,Y. RajaReddy,P. Bayapa
18-Jan-2016The essays of E M Forster a critical studyNirmala,G.Reddy,P. Bayapa
27-Apr-2016The mind and art of wole soyinka a study with special reference to his representative playsLatha,V. SwarnaReddy,P. Bayapa
25-Apr-2016The novels of Gita Mehta A thematic studySandhya,P. V.Reddy,P. Bayapa
25-Apr-2016The novels of Jainimbkar A studySumakiran,K.Reddy,P. Bayapa
28-Apr-2016The novels of Salman Rushdie A studyDevi,P. IndiraReddy,P. Bayapa
28-Apr-2016The plays of Francis Imbuga a studyRamana,U. VenkataReddy,P. Bayapa
28-Apr-2016The plays of Francis Imbuga a studyRamana,U. VenkataReddy,P. Bayapa
28-Dec-2015The plays of Nissim Ezekiel a studyReddy,L. Rama SubbaReddy,P. Bayapa
28-Dec-2015The short stories of M Malgonkar A studyBhagyalakshmamma,S.Reddy,P. Bayapa
25-Apr-2016The short stories of Raja Rao A studyRaj. N,NewtonReddy,P. Bayapa
28-Apr-2016The theme of marriage in indian drama in English with special reference to A S P Ayyar Nissim Ezekiel and M V RamasarmaSankaraiah,S.Reddy,P. Bayapa
28-Dec-2015The treatment of history in the selected novels of Manohar MalgonkarBharathi,N. B. ShamaReddy,P. Bayapa