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18-Dec-2015A study on some aspects of cotton cultivation in Kurnool districtReddy,K. VisweswaraReddy,K. Satyanarayana
18-Dec-2015An analysis of growth and technological developments of oil seeds in Andhra PradeshMadhuri,V. MaryReddy,K. Satyanarayana
28-Dec-2015Growth and instability in agriculture a regional study of Andhra PradeshLakshmi,K. SanthiReddy,K. Satyanarayana
28-Dec-2015Inter regional output responces of food crops in Andhra PradeshReddy,E. LakshmiReddy,K. Satyanarayana
28-Dec-2015Production responses of major commercial crops in Andhra PradeshUsharani,M.Reddy,K. Satyanarayana
18-Dec-2015Production responses of major commercial crops in Andhra PradeshRani,M. UshaReddy,K. Satyanarayana
5-Jan-2016Resource use efficiency in cotton cultivation Kurnool districtReddy,J. KanthaReddy,K. Satyanarayana
18-Dec-2015Role of irrigation in agricultural development a case study of Kurnool districtReddy,P. Venkata RamanaReddy,K. Satyanarayana
28-Dec-2015Structure and performance of co operative credit in Kurnool districtReddy,K. VenkateswaraReddy,K. Satyanarayana
18-Dec-2015Technological changes in production of commercial crops Andhra PradeshPrabhakar,K.Reddy,K. Satyanarayana
18-Dec-2015Technological parameters in agricultural production functions a case study on Nellore district Andhra PradeshReddy,D. RadhakrishnaReddy,K. Satyanarayana
18-Dec-2015The supply response of oil seed crops in Andhra Pradesh a regional studyRao,K. VasudevaReddy,K. Satyanarayana
28-Dec-2015The supply response of oil seed crops in Andhra Pradesh Rayalaseema regionRao,K. VasudevaReddy,K. Satyanarayana
18-Jan-2016Trends and determinants of agricultural wages Anantapur districtReddy,S. VenkatanarayanaReddy,K. Satyanarayana
18-Dec-2015Trends in wages and productivity of female agricultural workers Chittoor districtReddy,E. LokanadhaReddy,K. Satyanarayana