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11-Jul-2016Antiinflammatory and antiproliferative properties of chebulagic acid a COX2 5LOX dual inhibitor isolated from Terminalia chebulaReddy, D Bharat KumarReddanna, P
25-Sep-2014Antiproliferative effects of 15 lipoxygenase metabolites on chronic myeloid leukemia cell line K 562 Studies on molecular mechanismsMahipal, Vijaya Kumar SReddanna, P
28-Mar-2011C- Phycocyanin and Celecoxib, selective COX- 2 inhibitors, induce apoptosis in chronic myeioid leukemia cell line - K562Subhashini, JReddanna, P
31-Mar-2011C-phycocyanin and arachidonic acid cascade: role in apoptosis of lipopolysaccharide stimulated mousemacrophage cell line, raw 264.7Reddy, C MadhavaReddanna, P
5-Jul-2016Cyclooxygenase 2 and reactive oxygen species mediated regulation of MDR1 expression in HepG2 and RAW 246 point 7 cells experimental and in silico analysisRoy, K Raja Ram MohanReddanna, P
11-Jul-2016Development of resistance to Imatinib a tyrosine kinase inhibitor in chronic myeloid leukemia cell line K562 Role of COX 2 and MDR1Aruna Sree, MkReddanna, P
11-Jul-2016Diabetes induced oxidative stress and the development of atherosclerosis role of fatty aldehyde dehydrogenaseJuluri, SureshReddanna, P
12-Sep-2018Evaluation on the biocompatibility of selected nanoparticles in vitro and in vivo studiesJyotsna Radhika GReddanna, P
1-Apr-2011Metabolism of arachidonic acid via the lipoxygenase pathway in sheep uterusSurapureddi, SaileshReddanna, P
12-Jul-2016Molecular mechanisms involved in the antiinflammatory and anti proliferative properties of chebulagic acid a COX 2 5 LOX dual inhibitorChandrani AchariReddanna, P
29-Jun-2016Primary determinants of reaction specificity of murine 12 r lipoxygenase site directed mutagenesis studiesSunitha, M NReddanna, P
7-Apr-2011Purification and characterization of human uterine glutathione stransferases: expression in cancerous and fetal tissuesRamakrishna, BReddanna, P
6-Apr-2011Purification and characterization of Leukotriene synthesizing Enzymes from Sheep uterusReddy, Muralidhar BReddanna, P
22-Sep-2014Purification and charectarization of human uterin giutethion s transferases: expression in cancerous and fetal tissuesRamakrishna, BReddanna, P
11-Jul-2016Purification chemical characterization and biochemical evaluation of betanin a betalain pigment from the fruits of opuntia ficus indicaDevalraju, SreekanthReddanna, P
12-Jul-2016Rational approaches in the development of novel 5 Lipoxygenase inhibitors Structure and Ligand Based Drug Design strategiesPolamarasetty, AparoyReddanna, P
14-Aug-2012Regulation of growth of human epidermoid cancer cell line (A431): role of 12-lipoxygenase and cyclooxygenase-2Agarwal, SmitaReddanna, P
25-Jan-2016Role of vitamin e and selenium on antioxidant defense mechanisms of hepatic tissueCharles Kumar, TReddanna, P
25-Jan-2016Some aspects of carbohydrate and associated metabolism in amphibian muscle under the influence of electrical stimulationReddanna, PGovindappa, S
28-Mar-2011Study of MHC polymorphism in asiatic lions through molecular toolsSachdev, MonikaReddanna, P