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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
14-Jun-2017Aphids of North Western India with special reference to Kumaon range Uttar PradeshChakrabarti, SamiranRaychaudhuri, D N
25-Jul-2017Comparative histological histochemical and biochemical studies on the effects of a few insecticides sodium arsenite and sodium arsenate on the midgut cells of the Cockroach periplaneta Americana LINNChaudhuri, BasudebRaychaudhuri, D N
25-Jul-2017Effects of benzene hexachloride on the blood of adult female Cockroach periplaneia americana LINNBasu, KrishnaRaychaudhuri, D N
25-Jul-2017Histophysiological changes in the reproductive organs of cockroach Periplaneta Americana Linn by the application of a few drugs quinine and ergometrineChattopadhyay, Nikunja BehariRaychaudhuri, D N
12-Jul-2017Significance of gut fungi of the female Cockroach Periplaneta Americana LINN in digestion and nutritionGhosh, Sadhan KumarRaychaudhuri, D N
21-Jun-2017Some aspects of aphid Homoptera insecta studies in Sikkim and BhutanAgarwala, Basant KumarRaychaudhuri, D N
26-Jul-2017Some aspects of digestive physiology of a cichlid Fish tilapia mossambica peters with special reference to gut bacteriaChattopadhyay, KeyaRaychaudhuri, D N
10-Jul-2017Some aspects of digestive physiology of a leafhopper nephotettix bipunctalus FABR homoptera JassidaeDas, Swapan KumarRaychaudhuri, D N
14-Jun-2017Studies on aphid aphidiid complex of MizoramSarkar, Subir KumarRaychaudhuri, D N
27-Jul-2017Studies on aphidiids hymenoptera aphids homoptera of Meghalaya and Arunachal PradeshSamanta, Asim KumarRaychaudhuri, D N
26-Jul-2017Studies on aphis craccivora koch and its natural enemies in some parts of IndiaPoddar, Sekhar ChandraRaychaudhuri, D N
15-Jun-2017Studies on the aphids homoptera aphididae of Himachal PradeshDas, Sunil KumarRaychaudhuri, D N
24-Jul-2017Studies on the aphids homoptera insecta of Manipur stateSingh, Thangjam KameshwarRaychaudhuri, D N
10-Jul-2017Studies on the aphids of Graminceous plants in the North Eastern Himalaya with special reference to those intesting the subaerial partsPal, Pijush KantiRaychaudhuri, D N
26-Jul-2017Studies on the aphids of Tripura with special reference to biology and control of some of the economically important speciesGangopadhyay, Rabindran NathRaychaudhuri, D N
27-Jul-2017Studies on the haemolymph of the last instar larva of eublemma amabilis moore in healthy and parasitised conditionsSen, Ajit KumarRaychaudhuri, D N
25-Jul-2017Studies on the normal gut bacterial flora of cockroach periplaneta Americana LINN and their possible role in digestion and nutrition of the insectBandyopadhyay, MandiraRaychaudhuri, D N
26-Jul-2017Studies on water mites of family arrenuridae Hydracarina of West BengalTomar, Shyam SinghRaychaudhuri, D N
12-Jul-2017Systematic study of the oribatid mites acari from Nagaland IndiaGhosh, Alak KumarRaychaudhuri, D N
26-Jul-2017Taxonomic and ecological studies on some Indian acrididsHaldar, ParimalenduRaychaudhuri, D N