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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
21-Feb-2017A combined study of minimal and ideal minimal spacesBalamurugan, R GRavi, O
21-Feb-2017A mathematical study of stochastic systems with applications to inventory controlJayaraman, RRavi, O
20-Feb-2017A study of generalized close sets in minimal structuresSingh, Vandana RakeshRavi, O
20-Feb-2017A study of generalized closed sets and generalized continuous maps in ideal minimal spacesChitra,RRavi, O
21-Feb-2017A study of generalized closed sets in minimal structures and biminimal structuresSrinivasan, SRavi, O
21-Feb-2017A study of ideal biminimal spacesKalpana, KRavi, O
21-Feb-2017A study of new decompositions of various continuities in bitopological spacesKrishnamoorthy, MRavi, O
21-Feb-2017A study of new generalized closed sets in ideal topological spacesTharmar, SRavi, O
21-Feb-2017A study of new types of continuities in topologiesChoudhi, A HamariRavi, O
21-Feb-2017A study of some types of irresolute and quotient maps in topological and bitopological spacesBalakrishnan, MRavi, O
28-Feb-2017Further study of bitopological properties of new generalized closed setsRamachandran, SRavi, O
28-Feb-2017Further study of new bitopological generalized continuous functionsRajan, CRavi, O
28-Feb-2017Generalized function spaces boehmian spaces and their integral transformsGanesan, CRavi, O
28-Feb-2017Properties and characterization of various generalized maps in topological spacesChandrasekar, SRavi, O
28-Feb-2017Studies on another generalization of closed sets in topological spacesGanesan, SRavi, O
28-Feb-2017Studies on weak and strong forms of generalized continuous functions in topological and bitopological spacesLatha, RRavi, O