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5-Jan-2016A spectrophotometric study of the kinetics of acid hydrolysis of organic reagents in presence of metal ionsSubha,M. C. S.Rao,S. Brahmaji
28-Dec-2015Electrochemical investigation of organic compounds effect of solvent and the structure of the depolarizer on the polarographic reduction of nitro groupMurthy,Ramanandula RamachandraRao,S. Brahmaji
28-Dec-2015Extraction photometric studies of copper and nickel with resacetophenoneoximeDevi,V. S. D. Syama SundariRao,S. Brahmaji
18-Dec-2015Kinetics and application of inorganic reactions a study of metal complexes in solution kinetics of the reactions between some chromium III complexes and resacetophenone oxime and application of resacetophenone and 2 hydroxyacetophenone oximes as analytical reagentsReddy,T. SreenivasuluRao,S. Brahmaji
18-Dec-2015Kinetics and polarographic studies of the formation and hydrolysis of some azomethine derivatives of aromatic carbonyl compoundsRao,L. V. S. PrasadaRao,S. Brahmaji
28-Dec-2015Oxidation kinetics of primary alcohols by chromic acid in the presence of moderately concentrated phosphoric acid mediumReddy,M. GovindaRao,S. Brahmaji
28-Dec-2015Polarographic and spectrophotometric studies of metal ionsSavithri,S.Rao,S. Brahmaji
8-Jan-2016Polarographic reduction of nitro compounds studies on the polarographic reduction of m nitro acetophenone and m nitro acetophenone oximeNath,L. K. RavindraRao,S. Brahmaji
28-Dec-2015Polarographic studies of metal azomethine complexes acetonylacetone tris as complexing agentSreenivasulu,PolisettyRao,S. Brahmaji
5-Jan-2016Polarographic studies of oils of Anantapur a polarographic behaviour of maize germ sesame soy bean and sunflower oilsSatyanarayana,D. N.Rao,S. Brahmaji
18-Dec-2015Polarographic studies on catalytic waves a polarographic study of the catalytic reduction of bromate and hydrogen ionsRao,V. Surya NarayanaRao,S. Brahmaji
28-Dec-2015Polarography of organic compounds a polarographic investigation of p nitroacetophenone isonicotinoyl hydrazide and p nitroacetophenone isonicotinoyl hydrazoneReddy,P. RaveendraRao,S. Brahmaji
5-Jan-2016Solute solvent interaction studies studies on viscosity molar volume and conductance of some transition metal salts in urea water mixturesNirmala,O.Rao,S. Brahmaji
18-Dec-2015Spectrophotometric and electrochemical assay of organic compounds of medical importanceMurthy,G AnantharamaRao,S. Brahmaji
18-Dec-2015Spectrophotometric and physico chemical study of ion solvent interactionsSubha,M. C. S.Rao,S. Brahmaji
18-Dec-2015Spectrophotometric and polarographic study of metal complexes and their application to the determination of anions fluorideHuq,G. AbdulRao,S. Brahmaji
18-Dec-2015Studies in microemulsions hard sphere perturbation theories applied to concentrated colloidal dispersionsReddy,M. C. SomasekharaRao,S. Brahmaji
5-Jan-2016Studies in non aqueous titrimetryGeetha,B. S.Rao,S. Brahmaji
18-Dec-2015Studies in organic polarography electro reduction and kinetics of acid hydrolysis and formation of some azomathines of furfural a polarographic studySetty,Raja VenugopalRao,S. Brahmaji
18-Dec-2015Studies in organic polarography electro reduction of substituted 1 phenyl 3 amino 4 arylazo pyrazoline 5 oneRavindranath,L. K.Rao,S. Brahmaji