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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
26-Jul-2017Chemical reactions of excited and ionized moleculesMehetre, A NRao, T S
16-May-2017Chemical reactions under electric dischargeKaulgud, A VRao, T S
3-Apr-2017Comparative study of direct current and alternating current polarography of some organic and inorganic compoundsHakimian, Ali MohammadRao, T S
12-Jun-2017Decomposition of oxyanionic solids by low energy ions and electronsJoshi, Pratibha PRao, T S
26-May-2017Direct current and alternating current polarographic studies of some organic compounds and their applicationsGunjal, P SRao, T S
18-Apr-2017Electrochemical behaviour of some Azo compounds and microgram level estimation of some pharmaceuticals by electroanalytical techniquesHarikrishna, TadimetiRao, T S
24-Jul-2017Glow discharge electrolysis of some aqueous solutionsQudrathullah, MohommedRao, T S
20-Jun-2017Kinetic study of some organic reactions in aqueous solutionsSalunke, Suresh BRao, T S
28-Mar-2017Kinetic study of some rapid inorganic reactions in aqueous solutionDixit, A SRao, T S
13-Apr-2017Kinetics and mechanisms of some rapid reactionsJukar, R NRao, T S
28-Sep-2017Kinetics of fast reactions in solutionMali, S IRao, T S
26-Oct-2016Pathogenic city and population dynamics of the root lesion nematode tratylonchus indicus das in ricePrasad, J SatyanarayanaRao, T S
23-Feb-2017Solvent effect on chemical equilibriaChhabra, J SRao, T S
13-Jun-2017Some applications of gas chromatography in the study of partition and adsorptionPatankar, Y SRao, T S
13-Jun-2017Some kinetic and equilibrium studies on ion exchange reactions in anion exchange resinDeshpande, J VRao, T S
13-Jun-2017Some physico _ chemical applications of gas chromatographyGandhe, B RRao, T S
13-Jun-2017Studies of the kinetics and inhibition of some enzyme reactionsPatil, Dilip BhaskarRao, T S
30-Jan-2017Studies on electric discharge radiolysis in aqueous solutionsGogte, V DRao, T S
2-Feb-2017Studies on the influence of various added species on exchange current densities at electrode _ electrolyte interfacesBiradar, B SRao, T S
17-Apr-2017Studies on the kinetics and mechanism of some rapid oxidation _ reduction reactions in solutionShresth, Digambar PRao, T S