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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
20-Mar-2018Ameliorative effect of some antioxidants on fluoride induced male reproductive toxicity in mammalsBhatt, Rajendra NRao, M V
26-Nov-2014Genotoxic potential of fluoride in mammalian cell cultures and its ameliorationThakur, Swati BRao, M V
14-Oct-2016In vitro culture studies in Aegle marmelos_L _Corr_ a medicinal treeArumugam, SRao, M V
17-Oct-2016In vitro studies in Cardiospermum halicacabum L _ a medicinal herbJeyaseelan, MRao, M V
13-Oct-2016In vitro studies of Tinospora cordifolia MiersMridula, KRao, M V
18-Oct-2016In vitro studies on Centella asiatica L urban an ayurvedic medicinal herbAlagumanian, SRao, M V
18-Oct-2016In vitro studies on endangered tree species_Hildegardia populifolia Roxb Schott and Endl and economically important tree species_Simarouba glauca DCLavanya, A RRao, M V
14-Oct-2016In vitro studies on Gymnema elegans Wight and Arn Ex Wight and Gymnema sylvestre _Retz_ R Br Ex Roemer and SchultesKomalavalli, NRao, M V
14-Oct-2016In vitro studies on Oxalis corniculata LKumaresan, VRao, M V
17-Oct-2016In vitro studies on Rhinacanthusnasutus L Kurz _ a medicinal plantGouthaman, TRao, M V
20-Mar-2018In vitro studies on the anticarcinogenic effects of some selected plant extractsVaishnav, Khanjan HRao, M V
24-Sep-2012Phytochemical investigation and hepatoprotective screening of Embelia Basaal (ROEM. & SCHULT.) DC.Babu, GRao, M V; Sankar, S
19-Oct-2016Productivity and nutrient cycling in Acacia auriculiformise A Cunn ex Benth Acacia holosericae A Cunna ex Don casuarina equisetifolia J R Forst and G Forst Eucalyptus tereticornis Sm And Leucaena leucocephala _Lam_ de wit plantations of semi arid regionThiagarajan, SyamalaRao, M V
13-Oct-2016Role of certain antioxidants on mercury induced organ toxicity and genotoxicity in vivo and in vitroPatel, Tapan ARao, M V
26-Nov-2014Some genetic disorders related to western regionSindhav, Gaurangkumar MRao, M V
28-Jan-2015Studies on the biochemical and functional alterations of mammalian spermatozoa with respect to semen quality evaluationDave,VijyalaxmiRao, M V
20-Mar-2018Study of influences of certain prophylactic drugs on various mammalian tissuesDattani, JignasaRao, M V