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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
18-Mar-2015Acquisition of science process skills through experiential learning in students of standard viiiRamesh MPatel, R C
16-Sep-2020Analysis of MR brain images for brainstem changes in Alzheimer conditions using level set based hybrid methodsRamesh MSujatha C M
23-May-2014An analysis of online marketing customers and marketers perspectiveDurkasree PRamesh M
24-Feb-2020Assessing Impact Of Agricultural Land Uses In Sivagangai District Of Tamil Nadu India Through Gis And Remote SensingRamesh MT.Vasanthakumaran
20-Aug-2020Blood Chemistry Oxidative Stress and Organ Pathologies in labeo rohita exposed to Erythromycin at Environmentally Relevant ConcentrationsRenuka SRamesh M
8-Sep-2020Chemopreventive Effect of Vitex Sp on NNitrosodiethylamine induced Hepatic Carcinoma in Sprague Dawley RatsRamesh MMahalakshmipriya A
28-Dec-2017Color image segmentation using dynamic histogram based rough fuzzy c means clustering techniqueEluri, Venkateswara ReddyRamesh M
20-Aug-2020Comparative Toxicity of uv filter octyl Methoxycinnamate and its photoproducts In zebrafish danio rerioNataraj BRamesh M
8-Jan-2019Design and Development of Information System for Consumer BehaviourRamesh MKrishnamurthy R
18-Sep-2020Ecotoxicological Evaluation of Biological Endpoints in Zebrafish Danio Rerio Exposed to Nonsteroidal antiinflammatory Drug KetoprofenRangasamy BRamesh M
6-Sep-2012Effectiveness of Osteoporosis Prevention Programme on knowledge self efficacy and bone mineral density among female school teachersSreelekha BVijayaraghavan P V; Ramesh M; Basavanthappa B T
10-Apr-2019Establishing medication error reporting and monitoring program in a tertiary care hospitalChalasani, Sri HarshaRamesh M
1-Aug-2019Organometallic ru ii iii schiff base and arylazo complexes synthesis structure and catalytic applicationsRamesh MVenkatachalam G
23-Mar-2020Some Aspects Of Forecasting Methods For Time Series dataRamesh MVenkataramanaiah M
23-Mar-2020Some Aspects Of Forecasting Methods For Time Series DataRamesh MVenkataramanaiah M
22-May-2017Work life conflict among women professionals in chennaiGokulakrishnan ARamesh M